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  1. Yes, when they are small and erect they produce pitchers... if You stake the bigger and drooping one, it will produce pitchers too... good luck;-)
  2. In my experience, only with ventrata, is very useful to help plant producing pitchers to plant a stake to sustaine the plant in the pot (like with a tomato’s plant)... a lot of plants of garden centers are sold in hanging baskets without stakes, and the plants don’t make pitchers... another thing... my nepenthes x ventrata never made pitchers in winter... only when there are long days (hours of light) they make pitchers... to my friend that grows them with artificial lights and temperature control they make pitchers all around the year;-)
  3. Hi! I’ve had a Nepenthes x ventrata and it is a very very strong plant... it grows well inside... the only problem is that it has a very fast grow, so If You have only a little windowswill you must cut it every year... it can become 3 m tall;-)
  4. Yes, You can try;-) good luck!!!
  5. Hi Julio! no, the problem isn’t too much light... I’ve asked You if the plant is closer to light bulbs than nepenthes maxima, for exemple... d. Capensis and cephalotus grow very well in direct sunlight and also in hottest temperatures... I’ve grown these species in southest part of Italy in direct sunlight, also in July and August (45 C and more) and they have done well... my nepenthes x ventrata, in the same condition, in direct sunlight of January made red spots, similar to Yours... So I had to move it in shadow... my friend that grows heliamphoras in terrarium have bourned a lot of pitcher lids when the light bulbs were too close to the plants... is it possible that the light bulbs are closer to the leaves or make too much hot climate? If not, it is another problem
  6. Argo88

    Sad ceph's

    I also think they grow again!!! I’ve seen my friend ones like yours... they all have survived;-) good luck!!!
  7. Hi! In my life I only had a very easy to grow nepenthes x ventrata.. I noticed similar red spots when it kept direct sunlight... the sun burnt the leaves... is it possible that You keep it in direct sunlight or too much close to a strong light?
  8. Argo88

    Seed grown Dionaea

    It is always a pleasure for me to see seed grown plants! Thanks!!!
  9. This time I don’t say You to wait if the boarn again this spring :-D :-D good luck!!!;-)
  10. Argo88

    My Cephalotus

    Bery healty and beautiful plants
  11. Hi Karsty! Did they disappear in winter? Is possible that the hibernacula had rotten? In my experience I’ve lost d. Rotundifolia only in winter due to the too high humidity
  12. Yes!! Well done!!! Look at if You see a little of glue on the bigger leaves
  13. Beautiful plant!!!!!! What clone is it?
  14. Amazing plants, Dimitar!!! A pleasure to see them!! Thanks
  15. I’ve observed a little motion in youngest plants of p. Gigantea leaves too, when the preys are quite big for those leaves... the leaf curl a little around the bug and, if you see it in the night with the help of a light, you can see a very big amount of liquid around the prey.. it seems to be wet... but after that the leaf stay “curled” and don’t return to the original shape, as my temperates pinguiculas do
  16. Well done!! The plant is now good looking and You are father too!!!! I think this kind of posts with personal experiences are very useful for other growers!
  17. You can wait a little to repot it... but, for my experience with xventrata, don’t be afraid: it is a very strong hibrid, extremamely vigorous;-)
  18. peraphs a little too much to boarn this spring
  19. Has it flowered? If yes there can be seeds in its pot;-) you could have other ones this spring!!
  20. Thanks Ada!! Peraphs You have a long living one... do You keep it in full sun?