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  1. happy holidays!! Wonderful photos!! Can I ask You a thing? Your nepenthes Robcantleyi is queen of Hearts x king of spades? Because, seing its pitchers from the side, he seems to me very similar to nepenthes nebularum...maybe it is true that nepenthes Robcantleyi is an hybrid and that nepenthes nebularum features come out in the second generations... anyway, I think that Nepenthes Robcantleyi is maybe the best loocking tropical pitcher plant
  2. It could be a spider mites attack ...
  3. Really beautiful and well grown plant!!! Well done p.s.: I’ve wrote You an e-mail last Saturday
  4. No, they seems me not carnivorous plants..sorry
  5. Good luck!! I hope Yours plant will be beautiful and healties!!;-) please tell me if bacillus thurigiensis kill this pest;-)
  6. Hi! I don’t see the net in the photo... this year I’ve had some problems with a pest that I didn’t know and that I have not is a little larvae, just bigger than fungus gnat larvae, that make in the soil (sphagnum, peat etc) like a net, that bright in direct sunlight... if you see the soil in the night, with a artificial light (the one of your phone) You can see the small larvae white with their black head that are eating soil and plants... they killed me a p. Antarctica and a small p. Gigantea, and ate a little of a cephalotus... I’ve killed them with a biological product, nemathods, that don’t give any problem to carnivorous plants: bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Kurstaki (I hope I’ve don’t made mistakes in writing this names:-)) the nemathods kill the pests about 3 days after you put them in the soil. I’m not sure You have the same problem, but I’ve told You my experience;-)
  7. Beautiful flower!!! Good job!
  8. I wouldn’t mix acidic peat and gravel and sand because it seems to me that if You mix acidic and calcareus soil it roots faster;-) this Mexican pings grow well in pure sand, gravel, sand and gravel mix, pure volcanic lava, pumice and all this soil mixed... they also can do well in acidic peat and perlite or not calcareus sand, but it is a little harder provide the right water level without danger of rotting;-)
  9. Stunning plant!! Molto molto interessante! Valuta se registrarla
  10. Argo88

    Capillary matting

    Hi! Pheraphs I don’t understand well the question... if you use a mineral soil (sand, vulcanic lava...) for Mexican pinguiculas (the easiest one to grow) You can always keep 2 cm level of water in the try during summer... when the plant make the winter rosette, You must dry the soil... they aren quite easy to grow, especially Mexican hybrids;-)
  11. Do You see the under side glands usual in p. Gigantea?
  12. If is useful for You, here my p. Giganteas, the two on the left seed grown (2 years old, mother plant purple flower, they haven’t never bloomed yet) and the third is a p. Gigantea alba (the right one, the plant of third photo)... see the colour (the plants never keep direct sunlight)... look at the edge of the leaves, different and less definited of Miguel plant;-)
  13. Miso is a very serious seller... I’ve bought several time from him, and I’m very satisfacted... I’ve seen sell this plant as p. Gigantea in Italy and in U.S.A. too...if it is as You and me say, that this plant is not a pure p. Gigantea, I’m sure that he have bought it as P. Gigantea and is sure that it is that plant... this winter You’ll be sure if it is a real p. Gigantea or not... if we are in true, we confirm that to Miso... if it is a pure p. Gigantea, I’ll apologize with Miso in this post and I’ll say to everybody that I’m wrong... so, please tell me if this winter the plant will have a winter rosette carnivorous or not;-) I must to repeat that Miso is a very serious seller and in my experience he has always sold good quality and very healty plants
  14. P.s.: If this is not a P. Gigantea, this winter it will make a rosette with not carnivorous leaves... p. Gigantea in winter reduce its size (about 1/2 than summer size) but the leaves stay carnivorous, with a lot of muchilage
  15. I’ve seen sell a clone like Your (with same flower and same leaf shape) as P. gigantea, but I’m sure it is not a pure one... like You have said, the flower is very different and I’ve never seen in my p. Gigantea (some boarn from seeds) a leaf edge so definited and tourned up as in the first photo... as Werds correctly says P. Gigantea has glands in the two sides of the leaves... only two things that I’ve red, years ago, in two articles... a grower that has sown P. Gigantea seeds said that some plantlets didn’t have glands in the down side of the leaves (but in my experience in sowing this specie I’ve had 20 plantlets, all with glands in both sides). I’ve red that also a wild clone of p. Moranensis have glands in both sides of the leaves.. I’ve never seen it, I only repeat that I’ve red. Anyway, You have a nice clone of Pinguicula... it seems me very interesting;-)
  16. In my conditions heliamphora heterodoxa x minor too
  17. It seems me a flower stalk, maybe aborted as Stu says... when it is about 5/6 cm tall, cut the stalk at about 1 cm from the soil (so there are a less danger of the cut rot and it propagate to all plant)... than put it vertical in pure live sphagnum or your usual soil, with about 1 or 2 cm under the soil... if You are very lucky it could continuate growing and also blooming... you need some months before You can see a new plantlet... never touch the flower stalk or its pot until the plantlet becomes quite big;-) p.s: sorry for my very bad English, I hope You can understand my words;-)
  18. Beautiful clump of plants, Lucien!!! Really stunning
  19. I can’t see very well... it can be a new pitcher too, but it seems me higher... could You make a better photo of the upper part of this “stalk”? Thanks;-)
  20. Hi! beautiful plant, well done!! it seems to me that have a flower stalk... if yes, cut it at about 1 cm to the soil... You can plant it in sphagnum moss and, if You have luck, you can obtain a flower stalk pulling;-) maybe I haven’t understand Your question... I put about 2 or 3 cm level of water... than You can let it dry...
  21. Stunning colours!!! Wonderful plants!
  22. Wonderful photos and beautiful plants!!! Really a great job!! I think really amazing Yours p. Lusitanicas
  23. Very healty and vigorous!!! Is the same plant after repotting?