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  1. 38 minutes ago, Gaz said:

    Argo you are the "lucky" one to have aphids land on your gigantea :wink:  ...for me they always hide on young plants of smaller species :mad:

    You said the true another time... but I help my luck: I grow a single species of Mexican pinguicula: pinguicula gigantea:lol::lol:

    good night, my friend!! I hope in future to see some photos of your other pinguiculas:tu:

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  2. My bigger pinguiculas gigantea catch them... Gaz says the true, but pinguicula gigantea have the peculiarity of both sides of the leaves (upper and down) with glue... young giganteas, anywhere, don’t catch them;-)

    In these pictures you can see a recently divided plantlet that is big enough to catch a winged aphid with the down page of the leaf;-)



  3. 7 hours ago, Gaz said:

    Thanks Argo, your conditions are interesting and very different to mine.  I hope the rest of the season grows well for you.  Hopefully I will eventually have some divisions with flowers to post.

    Hi Gaz!

    Your gigantea is beautiful and very healty... now it only need time to becomes bigger and bigger;-)

    Thanks a lot! I’m sure that your the rest of season will grow well for you!

    In my conditions p. giganteas start blooming at the end of winter and to divide themselves just after the first flower... but as you have said, we are growing this plants in very different conditions, and I’m not sure my way is the best: my plants could be only older than your;-)

    have a nice day!!!


  4. 4 hours ago, Gaz said:

    To get such huge plants, do you have to give them extra any nutrient, or are you just relying on them catching their own food?

    Hi Gaz!

    at the beginning of spring I catch bugs for them... but now they hunts a lot alone!! When they are big they catch a lot of preys... and they have a very big tray... it helps them increasing humidity and attracting mosquitos..

    when they were little I fertilized them, but I don’t make it from years...  when the old leaves died, if fertilized they make a lor of algae in substrate.

    I water them with tap water that stays for two days in a tray before using that... I think they appreciate calcareous water ;-)

  5. Hi! I grow drosera roseana and drosera pulchella without greenhouse and cover;-) there are also quite easy hibryds of pigmy sundews... better if you wait 2 months: in autumn starts gemmae time;-)

  6. Hi! I’ve never grown a petiolaris complex sundew.. but I can tell you that I’ve seen in garden centers drosera paradoxa at about € could be paradoxa...

    in my sundews that red coloration is due to too much direct sunlight ...

    I think you have bought the plant and put immediately it in direct sunlight... better do it gradually... at the moment you could shadow a little it with a scottex paper;-)

    good luck

  7. 21 hours ago, Gaz said:

    hi Argo,

    Thank you, I think the flower is now one of my favourite Mexs.  Thank you for the information about bigger leaves being produced in the Autumn, that would make sense thinking about mine last year.   Although it was a beautiful flower I was a bit disappointed that it only had 1 so far.  Hope yours are still doing well.

    Hi Gaz!!

    My giganteas are still doing well, thank you!!;-)

    I love this plant: carnivorous all year round, catch preys with both faces of the leaves and, as you has said, beautiful flower!!

    In my experience, first time they flower very often make a single flower... next year it could be more (this year here it is very rainy, plants have wake-up in May/June and a p. gigantea that had flowered for the second year has made a single flower... I think it is due to the weather of this year)... in the next weeks look at your plant: usually after the flower stalk pinguicula gigantea divides itself... if you left the new plantlet with the mother or divide it only when it has a well formed roots system it can flower next year;-)

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  8. Hi!! It seems me sunburn... if the plant is like in the first picture, it will survive... I think that growlight wit red and blue lights may be a little stronger for pinguiculas... another thing... I don’t understand well... the sphagnum is in the lower part of the pot and you put on it lava rock and peat? If yes, pay attention that sphagnum doesn’t rot... it happen me with live sphagnum under sand;-)

  9. 7 hours ago, Gaz said:

    Hello Argo

    I said I'd post an update when my gigantea flowered so, over 2 years later, it finally happened and here it is.  At the end of last year it was about 20cm but now only about 12cm

    2020-06-13 18.20.45 - Copy.jpg

    Hi Gaz!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing, I’m very happy than you (and  everybody) write here your own experience!!!:tu:

    Your plant has a beautiful flower: very nice colour.

    Don’t worry, in my growing conditions the biggest leaves are produced in September/October, just before going in dormancy;-)

    This year it will be around 22/23 cm or more :tu:

  10. Hi! Don’t be afraid, this leaf has broken but the next ones will be perfect! It is only an aesthetic problem, but it doesn’t hurt the plant! Nepenthes lowii x ventricosa is a beautiful plant, well done! :tu:

  11. Very very interesting! I’ve never heard that a veitchii too had digested a mouse!! About the truncata, I’ve seen your photos of 2007 and another your video....

    Your truncata and veitchii are amazing (I’ve a very small truncata e a extremely small veitchii and I hope they will become a little similar to yours!!!!).

    the video is interesting also for seeing the size of the pot of extremely big nepenthes like yours!!!!

    I new in growing nepenthes and I really appreciate the video, thanks again!!!

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  12. Hi! I’ve not experience at all in this kind of coultivation... Topfrog has said the true, but I think that you can sacrifice a single plant for an experiment.... I’d try with sarracenia purpurea purpurea that grows in wild in Ireland and Scotland where people had introduced it.... in Canada grows a variant of this plant that grows in alkaline substrate... so if you want to make an experiment I’d try with sarracenia purpurea ssp. Purpurea. Good luck! ;-)

  13. On 5/3/2020 at 10:04 AM, Tropfrog said:

    If the plant can survive winter without extra light is dependent of your location.

    From the answer given you now know that it works in Italy.  I can add that I have failed in south facing Window in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    I have no idea about Paysley, but for sure the conditions have more similarities to Gothenburg than Italy. I would give supplemental light.    

    I live in extreme North East of Italy, at the border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia... I’m very much closer to Lubiana and Vienna than Rome, and closer to Berlin than Naples and Sicily... my country is the coldest and foggiest of Italy;-)