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  1. Hi! They are old skin of aphids... I hope I’ve write in correct English and you have understood me... aphids
  2. Lovely small boy, well done!! I’ve just seen another one sprouting in the left of the picture
  3. Very very interesting! I’ve never heard that a veitchii too had digested a mouse!! About the truncata, I’ve seen your photos of 2007 and another your video.... Your truncata and veitchii are amazing (I’ve a very small truncata e a extremely small veitchii and I hope they will become a little similar to yours!!!!). the video is interesting also for seeing the size of the pot of extremely big nepenthes like yours!!!! I new in growing nepenthes and I really appreciate the video, thanks again!!!
  4. Ciao Simeon!! Very happy to find you in this forum!
  5. Hi! I’ve not experience at all in this kind of coultivation... Topfrog has said the true, but I think that you can sacrifice a single plant for an experiment.... I’d try with sarracenia purpurea purpurea that grows in wild in Ireland and Scotland where people had introduced it.... in Canada grows a variant of this plant that grows in alkaline substrate... so if you want to make an experiment I’d try with sarracenia purpurea ssp. Purpurea. Good luck! ;-)
  6. Hi!!! Good luck!!! I hope you’ll have a lot of satisfactions with carnivorous plants
  7. Beautiful and not so easy to grow plant.... congratulations!!!! Excellent job!!
  8. Wonderful!!! Excellent job!!! I’m so happy for you: I think you are so proud of it!!!
  9. I live in extreme North East of Italy, at the border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia... I’m very much closer to Lubiana and Vienna than Rome, and closer to Berlin than Naples and Sicily... my country is the coldest and foggiest of Italy;-)
  10. In the colder months, if you don’t give it additional light, it will not produce new pitchers... it is all ok, it will be it again the spring... in my experience nepenthes xventrata doesn’t need very high humidity... with the tray method the plant was doing very well, without spraying it at all... when it will be a little bigger you’ll must to put a stick near the plant stem to substain it... without it the plant can stop to produce pitchers... my plant was 2,5 m tall when I cut it stem (I hadn’t place enough) but it can grow more than 3 m... nepenthes x ventrata that you find in garden center should be all female plants;-)
  11. Hi Purpurea! sorry but I don’t have pictures... The pot stayed in the tray, like my others carnivorous plants... Only, I put just 2/3 mm of water in the tray;-)
  12. Hi!! Well done!! In my experience nepenthes x ventrata is a very strong hybrid... I’ve grown one that was half died in my girlfriend hands... I keep it and it liked very much always 2/3 mm of water in the tray... when I changed home I had to give it to a friend because it was too big... now, after 3 years it is still alive and healty, and my friend hasn’t never grown other carnivorous plants... so don’t be afraid: you’ll be successful in growing it!;-)
  13. Good morning! This is my 3 years old drosera capensis giant, that I grow all year outdoor without greenhouse... sorry for the bad quality of the photo: sadly you can’t see how dewy is it;-)
  14. I don’t know, peraphs I see something of ventricosa.... but it is a very nice plant: I like it and it’s pitchers very much! Good job!!! p.s.: I don’t think it is this plant, but write “nepenthes x mimi” on google... there are same similarities
  15. Hi! I have a truncata highland mt. Pasian, but no one of Borneo Exotics clones... it is more an intermediate than a real highland nepenthes... it grows in a range between 11 C and 30/35 C... it is very tolerant to very low humidity (30%), but with low humidity pitchers are smaller... in winter I keep it indoor, on a table under artificial light (a common led to read)... 4 days ago I put it outside (now minimum 11 C, but it should tollerate 7/8 C without damnages)... in winter I water it every 10 days (the live sphagnum on the top of substrate tell me when to water it from above)... when I put it outside, I keep always 2 mm ore more of water in try and don’t water from above
  16. Very nice looking plants!!! Well done!!
  17. Wonderful!! Well done!! The black cat seems to appreciate a lot the greenhouse!!!
  18. Thanks a lot! I’m considering to grow a few with my cephalotus;-)
  19. Beautiful plants very well grown!!! Excellent job!! Could you tell me anything about drosera hamiltonii? Does it produce seeds as capensis or does it need cross pollination between two differents clones? How do you grow it (temperature, water?) your hamiltonii seems very healty!!
  20. This little winter Dudley Watts pitcher has just opened this morning!! I love this miniature!! Of course plant from Harro;-)
  21. Hi! A little update... my plants are just waking up... p. gigantea alba has opened today its first flower of the season... p. gigantea seedgrown (that one I called “compact”) for the second time, has divided itself... it will flower later in the season... it seems to be a peculiarity of this clone, because its mother and its sister (that I gave to my friend) first flower and then divide themselves, like my p. gigantea alba.
  22. HI! Utricularia sandersonii, utricularia bisquamata, utricularia blanchettii, utricularia subulata, utricularia flaccida, utricularia fulva are all small ones and quite easy to grow... there are a lot other species interesting and small... personally I like utricularia calycifida very much... it shouldn’t be difficult to grow or very tall, but I’ve never grown it... I’ve only red about it;-)
  23. Hi! Those seems to me sun burn... how long do you have this plants? Are they new and do you have put them immediately in direct sunlight?
  24. Argo88


    Nice looking plant!! Well done!!
  25. Hi! North facing windowswill is not a good expositions for dionea, drosera and other carnivorous plants... could they have a lake of light? Do they keep direct sunlight? Please, put here some photos, they can help people to answer your question ;-)