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  1. Argo88

    D. coccipetala flowering and some tuberous sundews

    Great plants!!!
  2. Argo88

    Mexican and Cuban pings pictures in cultivation

    Stupende Maurizio!!! Wonderful plants in excellent conditions
  3. Hi! Searching cephalotus images on internet I’ve found cephalotus error... If I’ve understood well (the page is written in German and I can’t speak it) it is a seedgrown plant of a German grower, Becker, that only produces non carnivorous plants... I think it is a strange and very nice clone, that has an unique characteristic.. so why isn’t it a registered cultivar? You can’t make mistakes in distinguish it from other clones:-) what do You think about cephalotus error? I think it would be a very interesting thing to sowing cephalotus error’s selfed pollinated seeds to see if the son plants are all cephalotus with pitchers or someone maintain the mother’s characteristics...
  4. Thanks a lot, Podunk! That was the page that I couldn’t translate!!! I’m very happy to have red it!!! And thanks a lot for all your explanations
  5. Thanks... I apologize with its creator if I wrong ;-) what do You think about it? I don’t have Facebook, so I based my post on what I’ve red on internet;-)
  6. Thanks a lot! I don’t thought that those plants could grow in clay and sand soil... and that they keep so much direct sunlight!!!
  7. Argo88

    One of my fovourite cephs

    Very well grown plant... what clone is it?
  8. Beautiful photos!!! Thanks a lot for writing wild plants growing conditions
  9. Hi!! How old are the seedlings? Very vigorous and nice looking as I have only a little space to grow carnivorous plants, I’ve never sowed nepenthes seeds... please, make some photos of their growing... I’m Very curious
  10. Argo88

    Pitcherplants wild in Denmark

    Thanks a lot
  11. Argo88

    Pitcherplants wild in Denmark

    Very very interesting, thanks for sharing... do You know how many years are there sarracenias in Denmark? The plants that You have posted some photos a few days ago were from plants original from this population? Are there also pure sarracenia purpureas “wild”?
  12. Argo88

    Cephalotus “Lasyba Giant”

    Hi! I’ve found on eBay this auction... does anyone know this “clone” and its characteristics? It seems to me a very well grown plant very similar to typical form from carniflora... but I’m not an expert... another question: how big can become a typical form pitcher of a mature plant in excellent growing conditions?
  13. Argo88

    Cephalotus “Lasyba Giant”

    Thanks a lot! I also think so... I would only know how big is in your growing condition the bigger pitcher of an unnamed clone... I’ve also seen that the same plant differ in size, colour and shape of pitchers in different growing conditions;-)
  14. Argo88

    Pinguicula gigantea alba

    The first time it flowers to me
  15. Argo88

    Pinguicula gigantea alba

    Hi Jeff!! Thanks a lot! I’ll do so;-)
  16. Argo88

    SPP from Annapolis Co. Nova Scotia

    Wonderful plants... I love purpureas
  17. Argo88

    Pinguicula gigantea alba

    Hi Jeff, hi Pico, thanks a lot! my p. Giganteas have not problems, they are too big for be damnaged for fungus gnat larvae... I had a lot of sharides in other butterworth substrate (pure sphagnum moss), but I have used bacillus thurigiensis, and removed the single larvae.. at the moment no problems, the small seedlings grow well too
  18. Argo88

    Sweet... Cephalotus "Tom Thumb"

    A very promising plant
  19. Argo88

    Sundew dormancy

    Hi! This two plants don’t require dormancy... You can keep them indoor on a very bright windowswill or under artificial light with 2 cm of rain (or distilled) water.. Drosera Aliciae need warmer temperatures, Drosera capensis can survive light frosts... but it due e come back from roots the next year... I suggest You to keep them indoor, never under 10/7 degrees ;-)
  20. Argo88

    Pinguicula gigantea alba

    Thanks a lot, Rob!! At the moment there are a Lot of fungus gnat!! Strange thing!
  21. Argo88

    Cephalotus " Red Monster "

    Beautiful plants!!! Excellent job, Dimitar!!
  22. Argo88

    Guyana 2019

    I’ve seen the two links... beautiful photos!!! Thanks for sharing
  23. Argo88

    Soon bloom!!!!

    Wonderful plant in great conditions!!!! No doubt it will bloom!!! Well done!!
  24. Argo88

    What is this Nepenthes.

    Hi! I’m not an expert in nepenthes, so wait for other people answers.. but maybe it is a nepenthes Miranda.. search “nepenthes miranda” on Google and say me what do You think.. it is a beautiful and strong plant;-)