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  1. Thank you, I hope that we don't have the same mosquitoes in Okinawa as in the Philippines but since we are neighbors it's a possibility. Anyone knows if sibuyanensis can harbor mosquito larva's ?
  2. In my subtropical garden mosquitoes are a nearly year round nuisance, very agressive black and white stripped demons ! I usually spray dish soap water in my neoregelias and burn mosquito coils everyday but the only thing I found to be effective are the typhoons...for two or three days. I have just started to grow some nepenthes and recently read about the way Nepenthes attenboroughii offers a nursery for mosquitoes larvaes in the first fraction of its picher's fluid... I am wondering if the same phenomenon appears with other nepenthes ? (I currently grow truncata, rafflesiana and vogelii)
  3. "la voilà la blanche hermine... vive la mouette et l'ajonc" Bravo ! With the captured black flies it really looks like the traditional hermine ;) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ermine_(heraldry)
  4. Hello ! I am happily growing strange plants in Okinawa: cacti, gardenias, neoregelias etc I recently rediscovered carnivorous plants,they were, with cacti, the first plants I killed in my childhood The climate in Okinawa is subtropical humid, the coldest in Winter usually never goes under 10°C. Of course I bought some nepenthes but I am not sure what kind will fare the best here, lowland or highland. Ultra highland is out of the question. I have: N.truncata, n.rafflesiana (typical and kuching squat red) and the ubiquitous xventrata from any garden center. Some Drosera capensis, Sarracenia "Stevens" and various typical dioneaes. I am very curious to see if dormancy is possible in this climate... Recently my interest has taken an unexpected turn in the incredible world of sphagnum ! Even if not from the UK, I really like this forum and hope to be able to contribute a little in my own way... Cheers !