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  1. Worth checking first though incase the shop isn't on the list.
  2. Somewhere on the thread there is a link to a list of the stores they are in have a look at that and it should tell you.
  3. Managed to find a lady luck! I happened to be passing an asda which isn't really local to me and went in for a look, they had loads of nepenthes left and among those was one lady luck. Very happy it's the one I most wanted!
  4. Good to hear they grow well, I think I will keep mine in the dome for a while until they get bigger. I think they would be OK in a box, I will send you a pm.
  5. I could do I'm not sure how I would go about posting them though, If you can tell me the best way to send them I will see what I can do.
  6. I managed to find some! First I looked in my local shop and they had a few Suki's, I then decided to have a look in another Asda nearby and got myself a Bill Bailey. No lady luck but I'm very happy with my two new nepenthes. I am wondering if I should keep it in the dome or repot and also if I should put it onto the windowsill straight away or if I should slowly introduce it to sunlight. Thanks for the heads up on these!
  7. Shame I didn't see this earlier then, I will have a look tomorrow anyway and fingers crossed they have a couple left.
  8. I am to have to check my local one it's on the list, been wanting a nep for a while.
  9. Hi thanks for the help, you say "If" I'm concerned, is there any need to be concerned? Or is it OK for the plant to receive a bit of chlorine.
  10. Hi everyone I was wondering about chlorine in tap water. My tap water has a TDS of 44 so it should be safe to use for my VFT but I was wondering if the chlorine in the water is taken into account in this reading or if the chlorine would still be harmful to the plant. Thanks everyone!
  11. Interesting plants WXT 1 is my favourite too.
  12. bobskie


    Lovely plants I'm looking at getting one of these soon.
  13. Thanks for the kind welcomes everyone and great to see a fellow Scot on here!
  14. Drill a hole near the bottom it should reduce the weight a bit.
  15. Forgot to mention I am in Scotland.
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