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  1. plants started waking up 2 weeks ago but they are not pushing the stalks or leaves at high speeds, it's more like slow growth until march, then the growth is really fast.
  2. What is the difference between Schuppenstiel 1 and Schuppenstiel 2?
  3. people buy them because they are rare and not because they are beautiful? don't know if I agree, Adrian slacks is pretty common and still sought after.
  4. so we wont need a permit to sell among growers on this forum? I guess talking on skype/fb etc. could be considered face to face no?
  5. I know that at the end of January UK is out of EU but as far as I know UK will still be subject to EU laws and regulation until 20 of December. I buy many plants from UK but i'm afraid that plants will be stuck somewhere because of backstop or something else which can have bad results. My question is this: will buying plants from UK still be the same for the remaining of this year or do I have to start panicking and buy some plants that I want until the end of this month?
  6. about aliciae, I have a couple of pots in my cold greenhouse. In the summer it got around 40 celsius, but they aren't too happy about that but they grew. In the winter, right now is around 1-3 celsius in the greenhouse and they are doing fine.
  7. a ton of fake 'leviathans' around. There was a big scandal on facebook a few months ago of people accusing Paul Young of selling fakes.
  8. They'll be in a greenhouse in about a month or two. The winter here is too harsh and I need an unheated greenhouse if I want most of my sarracenia/vft to make it through the winter.
  9. The sarracenia are eating too much, to the point of getting filled with bugs and ruining the pitchers because of the brown patches that develop. I want to reduce the amount of insect they catch but they are in the open sun right now, I don't have a greenhouse yet. I tried putting cotton balls inside the pitcher but they get soaked with water from the rain and is causing the same problem. I was thinking to buy some washing sponge and cut little pieces and place them in the tubes. The spoke is airy and doesn't hold water like the cotton does, at least I think. Any other ideas to stop the pitchers from catching bugs? It's ridiculous how much they catch, the fatties will get a diet.
  10. Some people say that Dionaea "La Grosse à Guigui" has bigger traps than B-52. Does anyone have a full grown specimen? Would love to see the size of it's traps. It would be awesome if you also had a B-52 for comparison.
  11. Look great! Is the verigate leaves consistent?
  12. Is this the rust nepenthes get infected with from time to time? I have sulfur powder, neem oil and a fungicide with tebucanozole in it. Will these 3 get rid of it? Maybe is cold damage, since it gets to 9-10 celsius at night for the moment, but it seems N. Hookeriana is having this and is grown indoors on a windowsill. Pictures https://imgur.com/a/0Z6ElMf
  13. it looks awesome!
  14. You welcome. I just discovered an infestation on a Cadiaeum plant, newly acquired. Probably it came with the mites. I sprayed it and everything else in the room for good measure. I have 2 bottles of this miticide at all times, is the most effective I ever used and I used quite a few over the years. I usually spray every 3 days for 2 weeks. I also spray with neem oil in between just for good measure, you can't overdo it with these hungry monsters.
  15. I use this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bayer-Borneo-Insecticide-Miticide-Against/dp/B00JDKUYGS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526211207&sr=8-1&keywords=bayer+miticide
  16. Have you tried spraying with water daily? Try getting a powerful hand pump pressure, something like this https://www.amazon.com/orbo-hand-pressure-sprayer-mister/dp/b00xbtq6f0 . Spider mites and other mites can't survive the daily tsunami on them. It's been my experience that getting rid of spider mites from nepenthes is easier than other plants because of the flat leaves. You can also buy a safe miticide, for me a Bayer product seems to work well for carnivorous plants, tho they are more expensive than the usual ones. Good luck and keep updating us on the situation.
  17. How cold it gets inside your unheated greenhouse on a regular basis and on extreme low temperatures?
  18. This should be crossed with Sarracenia "Saurus ". Imagine the resulting monster between these 2 hybrids.
  19. seems like a small fan. Does it do the work or do you need like at least 2 of these for a small/medium greenhouse?
  20. But if trading is allowed and the post office rejects your package, what can they do if you told them that it's perfectly legal and you refuse to not send it. I mean they are required to send it, no?
  21. I think it may secrete acids all the way up to a certain level. Even when my sarracenia are full, the insects from the top are only a husk after a time.
  22. Is this hybrid an intermediate? Also, does anyone have matured pitchers of it?
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