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  1. I have a question concerning the breakdown of prey in CPs. Can CPs regulate which materials they absorb after breaking down an insect, and if so, how do they rid themselves of unwanted or waste products? greetings, Druncata
  2. That is great to hear! I'm extra nervous with this guy, since he came in tiny (which I like) and with little to no roots developed. Anyway, thanks for answering my question NW!
  3. Druncata

    soil pest

    I've discovered a growing group of insects in my heterodoxa soil. at any given time about 15 of these little guys can be seen crawling around the soil surface. Can anyone identify what I'm dealing with? So far neither the sphagnum nor the plant seems to be damaged or stunted, but the damage sometimes comes suddenly with these pests.. Please doubleclick on the image for a zoom-in. I haven't figured out how to display an image in the size it was uploaded, my apologies.
  4. I've recently received a couple of seedlings from carnivoria.eu, which are already resuming growth since their repot, except for my fusca. It was the smallest plant in the shipment and came with the smallest rootmass. I'm not sure, but I think I've spotted some slight browning of the growthtip. Can you guys tell me wether it is something to worry about? the seedling spans about 8cm across: the best zoom I could get of the growth point: Thanks in advance guys. BTW: I am not sure how to post an image in it's uploaded size, the pictures seem to display in reduced size automatically. Clicking on the image twice opens the original size.
  5. oh my, do I feel stupid! I have a freakin ventrata growing right next to it.. I guess the tiny wings threw me off, forgot those disappear as the plant matures.. Thanks for the ID anyways.
  6. Received a cutting from my teacher, because he couldn't get it to pitcher. After less then 2 months, the first pitcher has opened. Any idea what species or cross this could be? Thanks guys!
  7. I have an order of Neps coming in soon, and I will provide them with the most appropriate conditions I can. But since I dont have a greenhouse or terrarium, I was thinking about the question: Which tolerates the conditions of the other better, highlanders or lowlanders? Just for the record, I have not ordered ultra-highland or ultra-lowland plants. I was wondering what the experienced growers think.
  8. Thanks guys. As per your suggestions, I've bagged the hookeriana and moved it away from direct sun on the windowsill. I'll keep you updated on the plant's progress.
  9. As I'm relatively knew to the hobby I encounter a lot of things I'm not sure about, and for which I can't find a concrete answer. The questions span different types of plants, so I thought I'd ask them in this section of the forum, hopefully the experts can answer at least some of them: - What is this red growth on my Dioneae flower stalk? - I bought a cheap, very sad looking x hookeriana last week, hoping to revive it. It's leaves and pitchers are paper thin and very floppy, especially compared to my ventrata, bloody mary and rafflesiana. Could this be a characteristic of the cross, or is it a symptom of disease and/or mistreatment by the owner? - The sphagnum moss in my Nepenthes never seems to really dry out (grown in southfacing windowsill). I mean, weeks go by and it's still moist to wet. Therefore I'm never sure if they need watering or not. Do I wait for the top to actually dry out, or do I water when the moss already feels moist? Greetings, Druncata
  10. My first attempt at a bogplanter! Sphagnum moss on 2 parts peat 1 part perlite. Can anyone ID the largest Sar? Plants: Drosera capensis Drosera aliciae Dionaea muscipula Sarracenia farnhamii Sarracenia maroon Sarracenia purpurea Sarracenia unknown Can anyone ID the largest Sar? My Nepenthes beside it: 2 N. rafflesiana cuttings N. bloody mary N. ventrata Greetings, Druncata
  11. Druncata

    Bog Planter

  12. Hi guys, Some info about me: I'm studying to become a Biology teacher, I'm into keeping snakes and recently I've become interested in CP's. Hope to see you in the forums! Greetings, Druncata