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  1. White peat is the less decomposed layer of peat, it is less compacted than "black" peat which is in the deeper layers if I understand correctly. White peat holds more air but less water, while black peat holds more water and less air. If you had the choice of black or white peat I think most would pick white. In my experience white peat is lighter in colour, looser, with a more sort of fluffy feeling, so I would say its better for Cephalotus as it should give better aeration, its not really common in the UK but I know a lot of other growers in Europe seem to use it as I think its more ava
  2. To add to what others have said, some for me make traps lower down more at certain times of the year, also a few clones are dimorphic (like the real dracula/royal red in my experiences), some clones darken more, and if your plant is catching a lot of insects the traps are closed a lot, so they wont colour up as much as the inner part hasn't seen as much sun.
  3. @weedabix @Dunc is it possible to know what grain size the sand is? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I was wondering what kind of top dressing everyone here is using for their cephalotus, I'm thinking of trying something to manage algae/moss, Does anyone have some recommendations as I wouldn't want anything that will leech into the soil, I know some use aquarium gravel and granite grit, anything else? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I've had what I believe to be mites for a little while now on some of my dionaea I used a bayer spray that I was recommended that seems to work well, but they eventually come back, I would like to completely eradicate them, so please advise me on the best option, and if possible link me to the required items to do so (I'm in the UK) Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  6. I imagine the big suppliers would be best suited to working this out, as if it was from everyone's results it's would vary significantly based on conditions? Then again their conditions would play a factor, so I think it would be hard for 100% accurate results for each dionaea, as I read dcxl varies a lot some say it's massive some not so much :s
  7. I will say I was very shocked at seeing a plant go for this much - Thinking of getting a cephalotus as something different from dionaea but certainly not for that!, I don't really understand why some would cost so much surely the only difference is colour and size?
  8. Heres some hopefully better images of the black things I have on them which to me look like tiny beetles, as you can see on one of the images 3 or 4 are on the inside of a trap which is quite common. The last post by me has the images I'm referring too..
  9. One image shows a picture of a trap where you may or may not be able to make out the dots all along the centre of the trap, the other two pictures show my smallest VFT which isn't looking too well especially a couple of traps you can see in the photo where there seems to be these weird brown areas developing on the traps, also the edges of the leaves aren't looking too well.
  10. Hi, So I'm pretty positive now I have spider mites as I have little red dots on my dionaea and the traps are beginning to look as if they are drying? like some traps are beginning to turn colour and have a weird dried bumpy look to them. I have also seen one of the little red mites moving so they are definately there. Whats the best method to deal with the spider mites?, if its miticide what one should I buy in the UK - I need it ASAP,
  11. I ordered from them fairly recently, communication was a bit tricky but as I saw on their site they were away so thats why I had a slow response, ordered one plant received two, hard to complain really
  12. Ye I've heard about this, and as you said with the bohemian garnet it is very distinctive.. with how it keeps dividing -.- and is obviously very small with the sawtooth teeth, such a nice plant to look at, I would be getting the royal red (if I dont change my mind for another red), from a very reputable grower so I think I would get the correct plant!
  13. Ok, I think I'll go for that then, I was in awe of your reds I saw in this thread the other day I don't know how your bohemian garnet got so big!, I don't suppose you have a picture of your royal red? or can point it out if its in that picture?
  14. What in your opinion are the most vigorous/biggest of the red VFT's in this list?, I have the option of - maroon monster, akai riu - BCP multiple options, all red, claytons and oxford. I'm not sure what substantial differences there are between them but I'd love a red that grows a bigger and definitely faster than my bohemian garnet!
  15. Ye that seems like a good idea, will give it a shot
  16. I hope its ok to show the link - They seem to have a lot of cultivators (for the VFT I'm looking at) I was wondering if anyones ever bought from them before as I've not seen them mentioned anywhere,
  17. Ye I tried already theres only a couple round here and both didn't sell them unfortunately :/
  18. Where are you guys getting sphagnum moss from?, I see a lot of it on amazon but I'm not sure which one would be best so maybe people here can share their experiences I was thinking of just buying this one, Using for VFT's