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  1. Thanks again. I'm sure I will be back with more questions soon enough
  2. That's impressive. How do you deal with the excess of water (if you have one, not sure what state you are in) during winter?
  3. Thanks Steve, That's really interesting, and a lot of what you said makes sense. Its only a small bog, if it goes well and I get approval for a larger bog, then I will try to incorporate a drain. During the summer I assume I can let the reservoir drain down naturally before topping back up with water (assuming we get loads of sun and less rain). Winter may be more of an issue, I wonder if siphon or pump it out somehow. Sadly I don't have a sense of smell so will have to get the main gardener to check that, ha ha she'll love me even more!
  4. Thanks for the welcome. My collection will be modest, unless I can find creative ways to plant them around the house
  5. Hello Steve, I have a tube into the bottom of the bog so I can check the water level, but I don’t have a drain. I’m guessing that’s why the other gardener types suggested putting holes in the bottom, but I would be going through a lot of rain water to keep it boggy. How do you access the cork for removal and refit. Do you have any pictures? I think now that I have a water reservoir I’ll keep it as it is and see what happens. Is the purpose of draining it just so you don’t get a build up stagnant water or is there a less smelly reason for draining in the winter? Some of the plants I have, I know have take back into the greenhouse to over winter, but I purposely have some that I don’t. If they are outside will they rot like they can do if stood in water in the green house? I’m assuming natural bogs don’t drain in the winter so maybe the airflow outside helps?? I don’t really know, just beginning with the outside bog but looking forward to the growing season ahead Thanks Gavin
  6. Hello, Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Been collecting CP's on and off for years, but as things are now more stable and I have a small green house I can house a modest collection. Although I want to get my outside bog garden running first... Thanks in advance for all the help I'm going to need in the future! Gavin
  7. Your bog looks great, how many years has that been going? My allocated area currently isn’t that big, but it’s in a part of the garden that gets the most sun during day which I figured was more important . Thanks for the advice. I was hoping that someone would say it will be fine, but I kind of knew that I had to pull it all out and start again. So that’s what I spent yesterday afternoon doing... So bog back in the ground and filled up with water, couple of water tests, total depth about 20”, water can escape at about 12” from the bottom. Tried over filling with water and the level settles back down quite quickly so that mean my CP’s won’t be sitting in a pool of water, and the reservoir at the bottom should help keep my bog, boggy. I’ll stamp down the compost later today and hopefully start putting my plants in later this week
  8. Hello I have been wanting to keep my small collection of CP in a bog garden. I sat my plants outside in their pots last summer and the pitchers did really well, but I wanted to make something more in keeping with the garden rather than them sitting in pots around the garden. After discussion with the main gardener and getting her friends to help convince her that it was a good idea, I was allocated a spot and swiftly dug a large hole before she could change her mind. Hole was lined with a pond liner and some holes added... I may have made a mistake here though. I tried to read up on this and ask non cp growers and the consensus was that I should put holes in the bottom so that it would not go stagnant. So that was April, was filled with gravel at the very bottom and a peat/sand mix. I added 50 ltrs of rain water which disappeared and over time along with the rain I have added more water. My concern is that it is not boggy... The peat is damp, I dug down best part of a foot and still just damp. Do I start again with a new liner and put holes in the side rather than at the bottom? Or is that just what happens when you set up a bog and I just need to give it a bit more time? Not ready to put the CP’s out yet anyway there are far too many slugs in the garden eating all the new shoots on the herbs, shame there isn’t a slug eating CP! Any help or advice gratefully received Gavin