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  1. I live in a really dusty part of town and my Pinguicula got covered in it and I'm wondering if there is any method for cleaning off all that dust. I've been thinking about letting the plant sit in the rain for a few minutes, since they live in the wilderness naturally, so there's no cover from rain water, but I don't want to damage the plant. Any ideas for cleaning are welcome
  2. Avi

    Question about Sarracenia

    Oh, thanks, I thought I did something wrong :) Do you also happen to know if there is something to be done about the small pitchers of the other?
  3. I have two Sarracenias and one of them grows big pitchers, while the other only grows really thin, tube-like ones. I thought this is due to the lack of sun in the last months, but now I noticed that there is no liquid in the pitchers. I've heard some CPs need water or fertiliser inside of the pitchers, but I'm not sure if I should put any.
  4. Avi


    Hi! I've made an account here some time ago but didn't have time to introduce myself or anything else. Anyway, I am 17, from Romania and carnivorous plants, cacti and succulents have always been a passion for me :)