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  1. MakoShark2

    some cephalotus

    Thanks blocky! I frequently spray (although lightly) my CP's with water to keep them fresh, I guess that wouldn't be recommended for the Cephs also? Cheers Daniel.
  2. MakoShark2

    My Cephalotus

    Wow... Just amazing! Have you grown them or were those acquired with that size? Cheers Daniel.
  3. MakoShark2

    some cephalotus

    Wow! Best pics so far of Cephs I've seen. Just receive a pot this week, would love to have some nice looking Cephs like those. How do you water them? Often? Top, bottom or both? How much sun? Thanks for sharing those nice pics. Cheers.
  4. MakoShark2


    Well you were right guys... Just received: a Spider and a Royal Red Dionea, a Cephalotus, a Drosera Filiformis, Capensis and Spatulata (although I've just ordered the 4 first ones, the other twos were offered)... This thing is getting serious... Cheers!
  5. MakoShark2

    Atomium's gallery

    Wonderful plants and pics. Congrats!
  6. MakoShark2


    Hello everyone! Name's Daniel live in Lisbon (Portugal) and have recently got into the carnivorous plants world! Always been curious about that those little toothed plant and when I first saw some at my local IKEA I didn't hesitated and got one. Didn't knew much about it, but it looked well and I spent the next few days searching some info on how to take good care of. One week after and expanded the collection and bought a Sarracenina Leucophylla... And a Drosera Carpentis Alba... And so here I am :) Cheers!