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  1. Dear all, After this topic, I have recontacted with the owner. He said that he could not handle recently his plants due to that he was dealing with his health problem. Moreover, due to harsh winter his plants are in bad situation. He promised me to send healthy looking plant at September and he refund my money. If he send plants, I will happy to share photos of plants to give information
  2. It is shame that they become the Sponsor of CPUK.
  3. Hi everyone! I have order 10 Adult plants from Carniplants.eu. Normally, I read comments before ordering. However, I could not find anything about Carniplants.eu. Honestly, I trusted them since they are sponspor of CPUK. Actually, I did not know them before sponsor of CPUK. They send plants quickly and I have recieved them in 10 days. BUT, I was very dissappoint when I saw the plants becasue they have promised sending adult plants. Plants were very weak, delicate and unhealty. Even if plants are at dormancy, their bulbs are very small and not healty. From 10 of plants that I have bought: 1 of them was dead plant 2 of them were extra-small and almost dead plants 4 of them were extra small plants 1 of them was semi-adult plant 2 of them were adult plants I have contacted them and they did not try to solve my problem. I do not recommed ordering from them. You can see the photos of plants that I recieved: You can see here what they promised:
  4. Hi everyone, Problem is solved. Watch sarracenianorthwest videos for bugs :)
  5. Marciano Moranensis Hemiepiphytica x P. rotundiflora Hemiepiphytica x P. macrophylla Hemiepiphytica x P. emarginata
  6. Can someone give an example for plant size? I would like to see some photos if it is possible
  7. Ehlersiae x immaculata Gypsicola x Hemiepiphytica will be continue
  8. Ordensis Paradoxa Kenneally Caduca Darwinensis Derbyensis Broomensis Ordensis x Lanata
  9. Here is some photos of my petiolaris complex. They are under 4 x T5 HO lighting fixture. Temprature is around 25 celcius degree at min and 30 celcius degree at max for winter conditions. Drosera Petiolaris Drosera Petiolaris Dilatato petiolaris Falconeri Lanata
  10. Hi, I bought this plant and it's on the way. But there is not much information. I will use 1:1 sand and peat mix. Is intermediate conditions ideal for this plant? Or should I put in highland conditions?
  11. They are really amazing. I love forms of PomPom
  12. My name is Yasin. I grow carnivorous plant several years. I have two little greenhouse. There are approximately 1000 plants mainly dionaea, pinguicula, sarracenia and drosera. I have a few heliamphora, nepenthes and cephalotus. I always read this forum but I just joined.