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  1. Nope - cant see the photos and I'm using firefox on Linux (not that I believe OS or browser is the issue). David - pretty much any image manipulation software should be able to resize an image - GIMP (gimp.org) is free but there are many others available. Does anyone on the CPS side know if/when the ICPS is releasing the videos of the lectures? Its frustrating to be both a CPS and ICPS member and not be able to view things like this. Its 2016 - it really shouldn't be a major technical challenge to upload them somewhere. Issues like this lose rather than encourage membership.
  2. From the album: Nov - few pics

    Pinguicula Agnata 'barranco de toliman' Flower - Late in the year.
  3. Yunzi

    Nov - few pics

    Pings and 'big moma' Ceph and babies.
  4. From the album: Nov - few pics

    Pinguicula Agnata 'barranco de toliman' Flower - Late in the year.
  5. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

    Baby cephs
  6. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

    Baby cephs in peat and sand.
  7. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

    Baby ceph in moss
  8. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

  9. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

  10. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

    Ceph - 'big moma' ... ok so its not a named clone.
  11. Yunzi


    From the album: Nov - few pics

    Ceph - 'big moma' ... ok so its not a named clone.
  12. Has anyone purchased from heldros.pl at all? Their selection looks great and there are a few things I want before it gets too cold!
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B017BGOJGQ/ Going on the reviews only - I've not personally tried them.
  14. I'm not an expert but obviously from my earlier postings I've been looking at this. I'd guess that given the price and some of the comments on more illegal growing forums (the things I have to google....) there is no way on earth that puts out what you'd expect from 45W. My guess is its using cheap Chinese LEDs that are only a fraction as efficient as advertised. A real 45W LED light with the correct spectrum on the other hand would be pretty good on a small scale I think. Wouldn't be a tenner though. There seem to be some nice PAR (purpley coloured output) LED bulbs for about £20 for 36W that look ok. I'm also looking at using Epistar or Bridgelux LEDs and making my own - similar but bigger to the one I made previously. I really hope there can be some discussion around this - lots of misinformation out there and I'd love to learn more about whats worked for other people.
  15. As an aside to my happily growing collection I've also started to look for native CPs in the wild in the UK. When I know I'm going to be somewhere a bit more rural than the West Midlands I do some internet research for sites where it may be possible to find some. Thus far I've found not a single specimen. I'm curious if this forum could put together a list of places in the UK where species have been found recently. Also would it be worth listing 'negatives' - sites where historically species may have been found but are not any longer? It may save the wet trousers and soaked boots I got this weekend :-). For negatives - I would say with some confidence that - Hartlebury common (Acid bog bit) in Worcestershire - Cledden Bog in Monmouthshire Dont have any Drosera although both sites are listed as having some as recently as 2010 in the case of Cledden Bog. Both sites do however have a nice range of Sphagnum and other bog plants including orchids and bog asphodel.
  16. Finding information on Mexican Ping potting soil is maddening - everyone seems to have their own version. For what its worth, I use a mostly perlite mix with some aquarium sand and peat thrown in. Very roughly I'd say 80% Perlite 10-15% peat and the rest sand. All my mexicans seems fine in that. I have a Pinguicula moranensis that I got from a non carnivorous nursery that seems to be in a peat mix. Its entirely anecdotal - but it seems to grow less well than the ones in 'my' mix. Having said that - I also have a laueana from a well know UK seller thats in peat/moss and its wonderful. I want to try cat litter when I start to propagate the leaves in the spring. http://www.bonsai4me.co.uk/Basics/Basicscatlitter.htm Was a link I found on this forum that is really rather fantastic.
  17. Any plans to put the talks on YouTube? - Last videos the ICPS posted were from 2010 and there is at least one lecture from this year I'd love to see. There are 2 videos in Spanish from a visitor to the conference and one of the trips - I don't understand any of it - but the shots of the plants are great :-) I 'third' the request to see some pictures.
  18. I've seen this on the CPS website but not really anywhere else. I can probably go on the sunday but was wondering if its worth the drive, especially as I have less interest in Sarracenia and more in Pings/Cephs and other tropicals. Anyone coming feel free to comment below.
  19. Yunzi


    I'd be very interested to know how it goes Richard I'm interested in trying Seramis. I've got mine currently (x Tina, x Sethos, Agnata and Esserina) in a mix of perlite (about 70-80%) and aquarium sand and peat (about 10% each). They all seem fine. Just added a moctezumae as well so I'll see how that goes as it recovers from in EU wide journey. I'm tempted to add eggshell to the top layer as well to increase the pH slightly.
  20. Another person telling you that they are simply stunning!! I'm curious what you're using for lights? What mix of colours as well?
  21. Yunzi


    Looking for carns in a UK bog.
  22. Yunzi

    Cotton Grass

    From the album: Bog

  23. Yunzi

    sphagnum moss

    From the album: Bog

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