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  1. Are all of these in an unheated greenhouse? Maybe I can keep more than sarracenias and vft's. They all look great!
  2. DBee

    VFT Seedlings

    Yes, they are succulent in appearance. Sigh ...
  3. DBee

    VFT Seedlings

    Yes, I've grown cactus before and that's what they look like to me. I'll try to get a photo, but I only have the camera on my phone. I do realise they take a really long time to mature, but it was just a bit of fun, I like propagating things, but it's a bit of a disappointment if they aren't the correct seeds.
  4. DBee

    VFT Seedlings

    Bought some fly trap seeds from EBay, just to have a play. Germination went well, now they're in pots in my unheated greenhouse, all look healthy, but ... no teeny traps have appeared. In the centre of the cotyledons there is a bump with long "hairs" protruding from it. I know they grow oh so slowly, but, is this normal development? They were planted on 15/4/16 and germinated within 8 days. Am I being impatient?
  5. Looks great, I'm quite envious. What do you do with all those neps in the winter?
  6. Looking around the net I see many countries advertising CPs, can anyone explain the import regulations to me, if I buy a plant, do I need a CITES certificate or similar, if the plant is in a sealed condition, Ie, tissue culture, do these rules still apply?
  7. I currently have two full butts of beautiful rainwater, but we have a very damp cellar in which we run a dehumidifier 24/7. I discard approx 3 pints of water per day from this, and it seems such a waste. If I run short, it would be nice to know I have a backup. Of course, if my butts have run dry, then maybe the cellar will too! Your advice is, as usual, much appreciated.
  8. Could you use water from a condensing dehumidifier to water CP's?
  9. DBee

    Drosera Aliciae

    This plant looks completely dead now, all the leaves have shrivelled up. I presume I just leave it in the hope it will regenerate. The temperatures have been low, but it has been frost free in the greenhouse.
  10. I have some from my greenhouse roof which goes into an enclosed butt, which I don't filter, but because, amazingly, I haven't got much stored up (and having to wash substrate) I've put a bucket under a leak on my house guttering. I also have a couple of clean containers about, which seem to collect bits of crud. Moss, that sort of thing. maybe I'm being overzealous?
  11. What can you use for filtering rainwater? I have tried I bleached coffee filters but they are very slow and clog quickly, even if you use a fine sieve to pre-filter. Anyone any other suggestions.
  12. Repotted today. The roots had not spread into the surrounding coir so it was an easy procedure. Time will tell whether I will regret this action ...