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  1. Ok ok, I see what you mean. I already thought the summer would be overkill. I did have succes with a similar method for a heliamphora I owned 10 years ago but that was in the spring though. About the glass weakening the light that's actually a good one. I do have a friend who has succesfully been growing a heli hybrid like this for 2 years, a very strong healthy looking plant actually. I've happened to have decided to build a proper highland terrarium in my own room in May. Cooled, ventilated, lighted etc. - So I won't have to worry about the summer cooking the plant :) I finally recei
  2. 25-4-2016 - Tepui Tepui Drawing by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr 25-4-2016 - This will by my lowland area. There is a boiler in that room which keeps the temperature up in the winter. Just gotta figure out proper humidity/additional lighting in the winter, and all the good stuff. For now this is my main growing area so I'm mixing it up. The temperatures of spring allow for that. Setup View 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr Setup 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr 25-4-2016 - Capensis alba - Common yet beautiful :) Capensis alba 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr 25-4-201
  3. Very cool to visit such a site, nice pics!
  4. Cool! I get that every one has their own taste, I'm wildly experimenting with influences to see what happens haha I added a Nepenthes mikei sketch today, black&white style and coloured. Any suggestions are welcome, if you have a favorite variation or something ;)
  5. Hi, In about a week or so I'm receiving a small minor x. heterodoxa - bare rooted. I happen to know quite some stuff about Heli's and carnivorous plants in general as this was a big hobby of mine 'bout ten years ago. So most of the basics are pretty clear to me: humidity, temperature, soil, requirement of light etc. I choose a hybrid as I don't have a proper terrarium with all the good stuff, and hybrids are known to be a bit easier. I'm gonna try to grow it at a sunny window in a glass jar with cover (the cover in the picture is not the final one as it blocks light and doesn't hav
  6. Sketched a Nepenthes Jamban today and spent a lot of time tweaking a cool-blue ethereal feeling. Added to first post, enjoy :)
  7. Hi, Used to draw pictures and take photos. Unfortunately my camera is broken, but my pencil isn't - so for the first time in about ten years I started sketching again. I work with photoshop as well to give cool touches and effects. I want to trade/sell this stuff in the future. Therefore I'd like to know if people are actually interested, otherwise I'll just create some stuff for family, friends and/or my own room. :) - I'm able to sketch costum stuff from for example photographs of your own plant(s). I'll also upload some photographs of my set-up/collection occasionally. Currentl
  8. The Plant

    Carni Art

    In this album you can find my costum drawings of carnivorous plants!