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  1. Nauz

    Hummer's Pictures

    This was a division of my main HG that I sold. And this division came from the first photo after I divided it.
  2. That sucks the only person I know who has his collection and won't even respond.
  3. A layer of silica sand at 8000 microns has kept moss at bay for me. It only really grows lightly if the layer is thin in that area.
  4. That would mean characteristics are randomly picked from genetics?
  5. I can agree with that, they have a genetic code and we don't know what is dominant or not in cephalotus.
  6. Some how people's images are showing up with a lock on it while logged in with tapatalk iOS.
  7. This is not a 'Eden black', black and darker colorations run naturally in cephalotus. The plant was put that deep for no specific reason at all. The CFL originally used was just a 20 something watt CFL. But those are inefficient when it comes to other light sources. The surface area of CFL is also poor so I will not recommend anything like it.
  8. Thanks guy, I couldn't exactly see the picture on the tapatalk app for some reason. Had to visit the web page in order to do so. Plant originally showed dark colorations in greenhouse. Showed dark colorations under a 20w ish cfl. Now it sits under an LED. Oudeans nursery from Washington USA. It was a baby from their greenhouse. They no longer are in the business of selling. But they always had great plants.
  9. To post these photos. So what you all think?
  10. To post these photos. So what you all think?