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    I've had this plant a few years, growing it in an unheated greenhouse and bringing it inside in the winter to avoid freezing temperatures thinking I was doing it a favour. It grew and grew, but never flowered. This winter it got forgotten about and took a tough frost. The leaves died, and I rushed it back inside and hoped that it might recover. You can see the old dead leaves still there. It looks as though the cold shock was beneficial, as it has given me a fantastic display. It has been growing on a windowsill, hence the rather odd inflorescence shapes. IMG_3674 by tom_499, on Flickr IMG_3684 by tom_499, on Flickr IMG_3678 by tom_499, on Flickr
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    This time I'll be presenting plants originating from Cerro Neblina. Some of them appeared earlier already but I feel that the update is needed. Heliamphora parva (Cerro Neblina) This is Wistuba's clone. I have no further data on it. It's amongst the most solid parva clones in my collection in terms of growth speed. Note the highly variable nectar spoon sizes on each leaves. Newest leaf has the biggest spoon. Heliamphora ceracea (Cerro Neblina) I simply love this species as it's so unusual and pretty in its' simplicity. My plant has exceeded 20cm in height and stays this way for the time being. Heliamphora x [ceracea x hispida] Its' newest leaf has much wider opening than the previous ones. I feel that this plant has much bigger potential to reveal in the future.
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    Hello, I'll post what happened with my Cephalotus for those who have the same doubts that I had. At the end I let my plant bloom. The flower started to grow in February 2017. Then in May 2017 the flower looked like this: I daily self-pollinated the plant. In July 2017 I got 13 seeds and planted them newly collected. During August 2017 the main plant was very weak and without signs of growth, after this the main plant died superficially because it developed another three points of growth from the same rhizome. Actually in February 2018 the plant look like this: And what happened with the seeds? Actually 3 of 13 have germinated well after aproximately 7 months. Fortunately the plant survived and some seeds germinated successfully despite being a self pollination. Next time I'll try cross pollination with another cephalotus that I bought. Hope you like the post!
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    Nepenthes rafflesiana (Johor, Malaysia) Nepenthes platychila Nepenthes ampullaria Red Speckled Nepenthes sibuyanensis x merrilliana Nepenthes bicalcarata Nepenthes robcantleyi
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    Hello everyone after my very long absence! Since there are couple days of holidays in Poland I've decided to devote a little bit of free time and take some pictures. Heliamphora pulchella "Very large & very hairy" (Amuri Tepui) While still quite young and small, this plant starts showing some nice pulchella characteristics. Doesn't look very well at the moment but I believe it'll get there with time. Heliamphora huberi (Angasima Tepui) Very nice and elegant clone of H. huberi. Refused to grow for me for a year or so but tough times are finally over with the appearance of new nice growth. Heliamphora "Flamingo" Ok, there's no need to talk much about this abominable plant. Picture says it all :) Heliamphora exappendiculata "Giant bubble" (Aprada Tepui) There's always a good time to show fresh pictures of The Monster. A bit boring, maybe, but I simply adore this plant!
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    Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa Tepui) x sp. Angasima SEEDS
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    Being repotted in orchid pot...
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    Hello, i am happy to let you know, that we have put a section about the EEE online. You can find it on the homepage of our society: Homepage of the GFP There is an item called "EEE" where you can find some information about the EEE: So far there is a list of Hotels in Bonn as well as the programm online. We will hopefully update the lectures soon. We also hope to be able to start with the registration in some weeks. More information will follow. If there are any changes i will let you know via this thread. Regards, Christian
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    Spring of a new year - time to add some photos! Here's my first Sarracenia flower of the year from S. flava var cuprea (PJP FCU03) One side of my first greenhouse ... Tub of Darlingtonia outside ... One side of my 2nd greenhouse ... And finally a strange double flower head on S. x 'Stevensii'
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    Update 05 I took the photos on April 12 in 2018. The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator) The germination from 5 years old Nepenthes eymae seeds (stored for 5 years in refrigerator)
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    Hi folks, I noticed there were no great, modern websites for carnivorous plant hobbyists and beginners. -At least nothing with a responsive, easily navigable design. So, I built the Carnivorous Plant Resource - something that I would use and that I hope becomes a valuable tool for the community. It's a mix of a plant database, Carnivorous Plant Society calendar of events, and blog resource. Looking for your feedback and info contributors to flush out the database! Cheers, and happy growing!
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    Nepenthes Sibuyanensis ! Enjoys, Valentin
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    Hey guys, today some new photos! :) Cephalotus f. Eden Black Cephalotus f. German Giant / True Giant Cephalotus f. Hummer's Giant Regards Tobias
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    Hi, last year I wasn't very active and so I haven't even posted the pictures from the end of last season. Here are the pictures of my tuberous drosera from April 2017. Starting with Drosera aff. bulbosa Caballo Blanco form Drosera yilgarensis Drosera whittakeri A young Drosera lunata Drosera zonaria from Oakford Drosera lowriei "Gigant" Drosera aff. palladia south coast form Drosera stricticaulis The Lakes Two pictures of Drosera squamosa Drosera rosulata gigant swamp form Drosera rosulata gigant hills form and a Drosera rosulata without location Drosera purpurascens Not the most fascinating picture ever but a plant that is not so often seen in culture: Drosera prostrata. A flowering Drosera obriculata Will be continued. Best regards from Berlin Lutz
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    Heliamphora heterodoxa x ionasii Heliamphora spec. nov. Angasima Heliamphora folliculata Stout form (Murosipan Meadow) Heliamphora parva (Cerro Neblina)
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    Only one picture for now. Nepenthes lowii
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    Great to hear you've got your money back, although it's a shame either way that the plants were sent off towards a certain death. I'm guessing PayPal are more likely to properly look into a case the higher the disputed amount. I'm still waiting for my Utricularia praelonga, David. Will you ever send it? It's only been about nine months...
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    Hi Dean, thank you. I do spend a lot of time in there, especially these last few weekends dividing and repotting. I can't wait to see everything in full growth again! Nepenthes rajah, Gunung Kinabalu S x Areolata showing a flower bud S. leucophylla var alba with a developing flower bud N. glabrata
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    H. Midoxa H. huberi H. folliculata H. spec. Angasina H. neblinae H. pulchella H. minor H. hybryda
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    If you stratify, don't just put the seeds in the fridge, this is not stratification (in fact you should be storing just about ALL your seeds in the fridge!). Sow them in a pot of wet medium and put the pot in the fridge. In order to stratify, the seeds should have swelled up with water first, which is why refrigerating dry seed does not work. If you're in doubt, what I always do is split the pack in half, plant TWO pots, put one in the fridge for 4-6 weeks, and the other one straight in its growing environment. If you're lucky the warm pot will have good germination as well and you end up with two! :) As stated fresh seed often germinates well without stratification. M.