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  1. So happy to have this magnificent species once again after 8 years...Last time I had 5 adult flowering plants but all of them died when I had to go on a workshop for a month, the plant keeper had them too dry. Once again I have about 5 young plants. This time I'm experimenting with media, temperatures; reading articles online and trying to have more control over their growth to find the perfect conditions. I am also in a different region now (hotter) so things are already different.
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  2. Here are the first photos of my greenhouse this year. I'll add to them as the season progresses. Mainly flavas on this side: Hybrids in the centre: Alata (not in shot), leucophylla, oreophila and sundry other plants on the right: As I've repotted nearly all my plants I have one or two divisions kept under the bench: And finally for now, here's a photo of my Goldie which fortunately has survived brown rhizome rot:
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