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    Hi everyone, Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the USA to see sarracenias in situ. I would love to share some photos with all of you. My First location was Greenville Co. in South Carolina. Thank you very much ! Gustavo
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    Hi all, I just wanted to share a gorgeous flower from my Drosera hyperostigma. I find that this pygmy grows really well for me on a windowsill with LED grow lights supplementing the natural light.
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    U. alpina x campbelliana
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    One of my N. [(mirabilis "wing" x ampullaria "black miracle") x (mirabilis "globosa" x ampullaria "black miracle")] has a strange mutation that appears between the wings of the pitchers, it reminds me of the scene from Alien!
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    Sorry you're disappointed with the order. It would be interesting to know who you bought them from. It's a bit difficult to see, but it looks as though you have several of each of the types in those pots. Did they arrive potted or bare rooted? Potted, probably, as they are pygmy Drosera. The trouble with pygmy drosera is that they are so small. A lot are needed in a pot to make a good display. The first thing to do is to re-read the description on the seller's site. If the size and number of the plants you've received matches the description, fine. If not, then a gentle email to the seller pointing this out is perfectly in order. As to the delay, it's worth checking whether the seller was on holiday. It's usual for sellers to put this on their web site with the dates they are away. Best of luck with this. You do have some nice plants there, though! They may well fill the pots as time goes by. These plants will produce gemmae which you can spread around the pot to germinate. Guy
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    Hello, I'll post what happened with my Cephalotus for those who have the same doubts that I had. At the end I let my plant bloom. The flower started to grow in February 2017. Then in May 2017 the flower looked like this: I daily self-pollinated the plant. In July 2017 I got 13 seeds and planted them newly collected. During August 2017 the main plant was very weak and without signs of growth, after this the main plant died superficially because it developed another three points of growth from the same rhizome. Actually in February 2018 the plant look like this: And what happened with the seeds? Actually 3 of 13 have germinated well after aproximately 7 months. Fortunately the plant survived and some seeds germinated successfully despite being a self pollination. Next time I'll try cross pollination with another cephalotus that I bought. Hope you like the post!