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    I don't you'll ever know for sure beyond the fact that it's a hybrid. It looks like there may be some leucophylla and psittacina in the mix, but there may be more to it than that. Medusa sounds like a perfectly good name for it as long as the name hasn't already been taken!
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    Hi here’s some watercolour paintings of lowii and veitchii, the pieces are up for sale if anyone is interested.
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    Hello so over the past few years I have been looking for nepenthes everywhere as they always seem to grow in disturbed areas along the side of the road. Nepenthes Macfarlenei (Genting/Ulu Kali summit) Nepenthes Albomarginata Penang Hill.Nepenthes Rafflesiana Giant Bako during a very dry season so all the cups where quite smallNepenthes Ampullaria BakoDrosera Spathulata var BakoensisNepenthes ampullaria BauNepenthes mirabilis seeds in Bau the plant actually got bulldozed and was practically dead with a bunch of mature amps all bulldozed.Nepenthes Gracilis Equine ParkThank you.
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    Sorry for really late Nepenthes pictures from Sajingan
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    I use pure coconut peat, perlite +perlite and sphagnum it works well for me only for lowland nepenthes. For highland nepenthes i use kanuma or akadama for nepenthes with a top dressing of sphagnum moss. It works better with live spag on top as they like to root in it.\ The only highland nepenthes that have grown well in coconut coir is rigidfolia and species similar.
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    Nepenthes in Bau video I forgot to post. For growing information Nepenthes Were growing in sand and clay soil. Ampullaria only had basal in very very high humidity and good light. Ampullaria vines get full sun and produce a lot of flowers when in these conditions. Gracilis only grew in brighter places. Humidity was like 95% and temp was 32-34 Celsius. 4F37E504-FC14-4DCD-9FD6-92B29FCB2B50.MOV
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    Nepenthes In Rawang. Nepenthes Mirabilis. Nepenthes Mirabilis x Gracilis. Random Mutt. Habitat shot. Video. Some conditions I noticed in Rawang. The soil was pure clay It was 99% humid Best plants got the highest humidity and brightest light. All the foliage was wet.
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    Kuching was cancelled do to medical stuff. But I did go to Genting Highlands and they are building a huge thing on the summit on the last montane vegetation. But I did get some photos of Nepenthes and some other stuff. It was very foggy and cold up there. Nepenthes ramispina. Nepenthes Sanguinea. Nepenthes macfarlenei. Nepenthes Sanguinea x Ramispina Other stuff. Just to let you know for growing conditions. The soil was always made of granite and sometimes have a little bit of moss on top but was very leached. It is 3/4 of the day foggy and drizzling all year and when fog clears there is intense sunlight. Macfarlenei likes to grow in shadier areas and has very long tendrils. Genting Nepenthes ramispina and Macfarlenei only seem to grow on the peak. But Nepenthes Sanguinea grows lower down. From tests using legally collected plants Nepenthes Sanguinea is the only plants you can 100% grow in lowland unlike Nepenthes Ramispina and Macfarlenei will struggle to pitcher.