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    I may as well start a general thread instead of cluttering this section with posts for one pic at a time. My U. "Nüdlinger Flair" has flowered!
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    U. alpina x campbelliana
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    Catopsis berteroniana "near Santa Elena, Gran Sabana"
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    N. [(mirabilis "wing" x ampullaria "black miracle") x (mirabilis "globosa" x ampullaria "black miracle")]
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    P. (gigantea "purple flower" x emarginata "red leaf")#15
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    Heliamphora uncinata "Amuri Tepui"
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    Some U. endressii about to bloom:
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    One of my pulchella "Churi Tepui" flowered, nearly dwarfing the pitchers with the bloom, lol.