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  1. I'd like to welcome Marcel van den Broek to the moderating staff of CPUK Forum. Marcel is eagle eyed for spammers and I'm sure he'll do a great job helping to keep things clean and tidy. Thank you for your service, @Marcel van den Broek
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  2. Hi All, Newbie here with some photos etc of my S.Asbo from Southwest CP last year. I wanted one for ages and took the plunge, I wasn't disappointed at all, even though it cost me £50.00. I hope you like the photos as it seems (from my googleing) that there is little information out there on these.. (7) 'Sarracenia Asbo' Trumpet Pitcher Plant - YouTube (7) Sarracenia Asbo unboxing - YouTube Enjoy. Regards, Chris Staffordshire, UK.
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