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    Hi Catalin It definitely looks like Drosera capensis. As Tropfrog says, they are very forgiving but tend to go to sleep over the winter months or at least lose some of their lower leaves which will go brown. Don't split the plants at this time of year or repot them, only when they start growing strongly in the Spring. You really want to try and give them some direct sunlight if at all possible and definitely only rainwater which you should keep shallow at this stage (1 - 2 cm) - just enough to keep the soil slightly damp on the top. You can put them outside on a balcony or window ledge to catch the sun if practical, but preferably do not allow them to be frosted although they should survive light frosting. Do not expect new growth until the spring. Good luck! Kind regards, Rob
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    In my limited experience this is a very forgiving plant. It should recover as is. It is rain water in the tray, right? Br Magnus