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  1. From the album: Botanical Art

    Latest one in the Nep series, Ampullaria. One of my favorite Neps. Photo reference courtesy of Marc Anderson http://marcanderson.photoshelter.com/
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  2. From the album: JCZ's photos

    Genlisea violacea (Couto de Magalhães de Minas).
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  3. From the album: Plants for Sale

    1 - Drosera sp. 'South Africa' 2 - Drosera sp. 'Botswana' 3 - Drosera adelae 4 - Drosera flexicaulis 5 - Utricularia dichotoma (see the flower stalks from 2017 year) 6 - Utricularia parthenopipes 7 - Drosera burkeana 8 - Pinguicula esseriana 9 - Pinguicula jaumavensis 10 - Utricularia lateriflora (in moss) 11 - Drosera rotundifolia (ending the winter period just now, 2 or more plants in one pot) 12 - Drosera capillaris 13 - Drosera anglica (ending the winter period just now, 2 or more plants in one pot) 14 - Utricularia tricolor

    © Max

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  4. red darlingtonia taken today.
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  6. From the album: Botanical Art

    Nepenthes Globosa painted from photo reference of Chale Yan from wikimedia.org 2nd of my botanical paintings, painted on 27/11/16 with pencil and water color and a touch of acrylic on 300g watercolor paper.
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  7. From the album: Nepenthes

    © Albert E.P

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  8. From the album: Lake District 2013

    Pinguicula vulgaris (close up) showing victims (English Lake District, 2013)
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  11. From the album: B52

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  12. From the album: Zlatokrts plants

    And this is what i removed from the original bog. It will become a new bog in the near future... i would love to imitate the floating bog (dont remember the correct english name for it).
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  13. From the album: LED Grown Plants

    Drosera scorpioides under "standart" Red Blue LED light. How i made the LED lamp can be seen here. (sorry just in German) http://forum.carnivo...atzbeleuchtung/
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