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    To say I am stunned by the allegations made by Annette would be a serious understatement. I left the committee a few months ago after running the seed bank for almost 12 years and the committee described by Annette is not the committee I recognise. All of them have worked hard to ensure that everything is done properly and above board. Every member of the committee has done their job with the interests of the membership at heart. I would love to see evidence as described by Annette, so far I believe she has produced none. Many of the current committee have been in their positions for many years and it is just wrong to treat them in this way. They give up their time to keep things running smoothly. Okay there are problems, journals are late being one of them, but they have done and still do their best. The chairman as far as I can tell has no authority to demand committee resignations. It must be a full committee decision and I believe Annette has overstepped her authority in demanding that some long standing committee members resign. If they have brought the society into disrepute in any way let us see the evidence and the members can decide the way forward with a proper vote.. The entire committee have agreed that they have no confidence in Annette as the chair of the society and that is an agreed vote and therefore a legitimate committee decision. As Annette is no longer chair, she no longer has the right to a trustee position either. The people she took on as trustees without committee consent should be removed as trustees until this is sorted and settled. They may be suitable as trustees, but they need to be legitimately selected. If Annette believes she has the support of the members, then let us have a proper vote at the AGM in May, when she has the right to stand against whoever takes her place temporarily for now. This is your society. It is not up to Annette to decide it will be dissolved. If Annette and her friends want to start a new organisation, they are welcome to do so, but it seems they want to do that and take your money with them. I do hope that should it come down to a vote at the AGM, that you will all support your very loyal, long standing committee. All committee records are open to member scrutinisation. Please do ask to see evidence, not just from the committee who have my full support, but from Annette who so far is full of accusations without showing anything to back it all up. Sheila
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    Thank you Dennis and Ron for the detailed account of events. Interesting to read, but a bit sad that its come to this position. I do hope it gets sorted swiftly and, like ada, hope the society come out stronger from this. Probably some important actions to address as soon as this is over.
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    Might be the best AGM in years if Annette attends! Will be standing room only.....
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    That.'s a very dark plant Mike. Let me correct you though,the plant you mention from insectanfang was actually bred by me. It is one of 4 plants I grew out from a batch of seed I pollinated,I sent AIDAN a piece to see how dark it would go,my conditions are not perfect for colouring up but this plant showed potential! I will try a piece outside this summer,if we get one nice enough.we get a lot of cloud most summers and our temperatures are,nt great either that,s why we grow undercover to try and get the best from our plants in a very short growing season. AIDAN lives in the USA now,I. M sure he,d let you use the picture if you ask him. ADA
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    Dear all, here is the list of lectures on EEE 2019 in Prague. The lecture day will be Saturday and the first lecture will start at ten o'clock, so you won't have to wake up that early to catch them ;-) 10:00 - 11:00 - Tomáš Hájek - The fate of peatbogs during the dry years and their future in the changing climate 11:00 - 13:30 - lunch break 13:30 - 14:45 - Oliver Gluch - Winter flowering Pinguicula species - impressions from natural habitats in Mexico 14:45 - 16:00 - Jan Schlauer - The Quinones of the Queensland Sundews 16:00 - 17:15 - Lubomír Adamec - Ecophysiological characterization of aquatic carnivorous plants: are they different from terrestrial ones? The Sunday is dedicated to a trip to BG Liberec, which is a birthplace of CP fascination in former Czechoslovak Republic. Its director wrote the first book about CPs in 1984 and the popularity among growers lasts till the present day. Hope to see you in Prague! Adam
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    Some of the nicest vulgaris I have seen, and quite a range of colours as well in Scotland today.
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    I will put this suggestion to the rest of the committee, Dunc.
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    2019 turns out to be a good season for the largest catapult-flypaper trap. The catapults fling prey in 75 milliseconds, faster than the VFT. Now, the plants are flowering nicely at our greenhouse.
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    Nepenthes In Rawang. Nepenthes Mirabilis. Nepenthes Mirabilis x Gracilis. Random Mutt. Habitat shot. Video. Some conditions I noticed in Rawang. The soil was pure clay It was 99% humid Best plants got the highest humidity and brightest light. All the foliage was wet.
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    Visit to Redleaf exotics on April 14th, 2018~ I have a ton more photos im just too lazy to edit them all I will be going to the ICPS conference this year - hope to see some of you fellow plant nerds there! Nepenthes (ventricosa x sibuyanensis)-giant x {[ventricosa x (spathulata x lowii)] x trusmadiensis} ‘EP’ Nepenthes (ventricosa x sibuyanensis)-giant x {[ventricosa x (spathulata x lowii)] x trusmadiensis} ‘EP’ Nepenthes truncata x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] ‘EP’ Nepenthes veitchii 'candy dreams' truncata x jaq some really nice pitcher, but I cant tell if its just a really nice truncata or a hybrid ;) flava x sib Sorry for so much lowii - you know me
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    Hello all My name is Mischa and I live in the Netherlands I like to collect nepenthes and i work at a carnivores nursery (Carniflora) I've got 103 species Hope you will enjoy my plants in the future Greetings Mischa
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    Catopsis berteroniana "near Santa Elena, Gran Sabana"
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    Drosera filiformis var filiformis +1
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    Hello. I'm definitely not a succulent expert, but the cactus looks fine. Maybe it got too cold or wet? Sudden increase in sun or heat? If it's not getting any worse, I wouldn't worry. The other one (maybe a Haworthia or sempervivum?) definitely looks like it's being eaten. The damage looks like molluscs, but the black specks look like insect droppings so I'm not sure. You could try slug pellets and/or a systemic insecticide?
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    black volcanic sand jeff
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    I don't you'll ever know for sure beyond the fact that it's a hybrid. It looks like there may be some leucophylla and psittacina in the mix, but there may be more to it than that. Medusa sounds like a perfectly good name for it as long as the name hasn't already been taken!
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    Really nice plants there! :) Some that I would like to collect, happy growing!
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    Not the best pic,started a few years back but learning all the time.
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    A few more photos from today. Apologies if the focus of some is not that sharp - I think I need a new camera or operator Greenhouse shot S. flava v. ornata, Sandy Creek Road, F247 MK S. flava v. cuprea, NC S. flava v. rugelii, F18 MK S. flava v. ornata, F47 MK S. flava v. atropurpurea, ex. A Hindle, JB, ALL RED, HCP F1 S. flava v. atropurpurea, Blackwater, N Florida, HCP F3 S. flava v. rubricorpora, Wewahitchka, FL, F149 MK S. flava v. rugelii, F92 MK Group of red flavas S. flava with missing label, but still quite nice S. oreophila, De Kalb Co. S. alata, De Soto, Mississippi vft "Beastie Boy" S. leucophylla, Helmut's Delight, SL04 CA A hybrid seedling A hybrid from P&J plants Seed grown leucos S. minor v. okefenokeensis S. x moorei, 'Adrian Slack', H113 MK Grown from CA supplied seed (SX33 x SFO09) S. x moorei, 'Wilkerson’s White Knight', North Walton Co., FL, SXM18 CA S. x moorei, (Wilkerson’s white knight x Wilkerson’s red), SXM18 CA S. x moorei, "Elizabeth Aydon", H193 MK S. x moorei, H9 MK S. x 'ASBO', H265 MK S. x moorei, "Jeff Realff", H374 MK S. x moorei x S. leucophylla hybrid (XM47 x L9MK alba)
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    I just wait until the flower is brown/ black (you will realize when they are ready because they drop easily) You don't need to do cross pollination, and to colect them I usually take flower by flower and smash it on a paper.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice photos!
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    What a nice color !
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    Hello Chimaera All the rain is down here in Devon, storm Hannah is due tonight/tomorrow. If you would like to pay postage I can send you some.
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    What,s with all the Chinese stuff recently posted by a new member? Is it just spam or crap? Ada
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    The same i did too a short time ago. In all cases i gave away my motherplants of Things like Queen Mary, TAB, Kingsley and so on for free to Friends. They just look typical and without shape nobody could say the Special characteristics.
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    Yes me too. Its something Special. I like more the ones with an interesting pitcherform or size than the colourful ones.
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    Also explains why I cannot find my membership card!
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    Majority of the membership is in the south according to the membership map in the member database. It's being held at a location that's central to the majority.
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    Hi, "Error" was grown from 'Eden Black' selfed seed by Kai Becker in 2011. It is an odd, slow growing plant without pitchers, so some don't think it would be a good cultivar. This is the inofficial description: https://translate.google.de/translate?hl=&sl=de&tl=en&u=forum.carnivoren.org%2Fforums%2Ftopic%2F43234-cephalotus-follicularis-error%2F There are probably more plants with inofficial names or codes than registered cultivars in cultivation. Ideally, a special plant that is grown by many growers and that clearly differs from other plants should be described as a cultivar. But it takes some effort to do this. Practically, many excellent plants have not (yet) been officially described and (yet) some average plants have been registered.
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    I would try to fill that gap if you can. Can you not pour the old compost you have around the edge of the pot to fill the gap or push some peat into the gap? If it is too damp or wet to do this, mix some dry silicate sand with it to make it lighter and "pourable". I don't see any reason why you cannot use your old compost for this so long as it doesn't look mouldy or smell bad. Since you won't have had any fertiliser in it, the compost cannot go off as maybe regular potting compost may do. But do try to fill that gap with something even if it is just plain dry peat and/or sand which will soon moisten up once in place. Rob
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    Very nice,won,t be long before its full
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    Looks like a 12 footer? Loads of room and looking good.
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    I'm not sure what the issue is Rhys, maybe it's worth asking admin ? I grew some some vft's from seed early 2017, there was far less monitoring though on my part !. For the most part they're still doing ok but are still very small and beginning to get overgrown by moss. They seem to grow for me 'naturally' at about the same rate as cephalotus from seed . It's painfully slow for the first couple of years. . I know people have managed to double the growth rate by skipping dormancy in the first couple of years and growing under artificial lights etc. https://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?/topic/58837-a-winter-window-ledge-trial/&tab=comments#comment-391182
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    Here is another updateNepenthes Lowii that always falls out of its pot.Nepenthes Nigra. Nepenthes Tenuis is actually a weed. Nepenthes Leonardoi from MT.Nepenthes Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana MT Nepenthes Flava from Brads Greenhouse/BENepenthes Rigidfolia I was given in a Jar from MT Nepenthes Mira BENepenthes Jaquelineae still settling in.Nepenthes Jamban is I find the weediest highlander.Nepenthes Hurreliana, is surprisingly easy to grow.Nepenthes Viechii (Bareo) MTNepenthes Albomarginata seedling (Penang Hill)Drosera BurmaniiDrosera Paradoxa.Unknown Ping.Amps from Bau And 4ze.Nepenthes Rafflesiana I bought in this random clothes shop in Penang.Nepenthes Mirabilis (Rawang)Nepenthes Eymae x Veichii.Nepenthes Miranda.Random Nepenthes hybrid.Mirabilis wing.Bicalcarata Viechii (Hose Mountains) Nepenthes Rafflesiana Giant Kuching Squat MT. Ventricosa K MT Nepenthes Spectabilis Sinabung MT. Khasiana Raff Japanese clone from 4ze.Nepenthes Rafflesiana Marudi var Nivea hooded lid 20 year old clone from Japan.Albomarginata MTBurbidgeae.
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    Bonjour a good solution the bacillus thurigiensius for the larvae but not for the adult , uses for them yellow gooey plates , I think it is necessary to eradicate the 2 otherwise the problem will come back jeff
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    Hello so when I was In Ipoh I visited the Nepenthes park in Kledang Siaong which is about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur also if you ever visit on the roadside there are tons of Nepenthes Gracilis and apparently on the road up Gunung Kledang some green and spotted Nepenthes Albomarginata also there are Drosera Burmanii which I am trying to find. In this park there were many Nepenthes approximately 72 different types of nepenthes all lowlanders as well as some highlanders, And to my amazement they had 3 Nepenthes clipeatas growing in the ground. The conditions at this place were. average day temperature is 32 Celsius and night is 24 Celsius, The plants had 50 % shade cloth, Were growing in soil from the local construction site which was very well draining and made up of sand,Clay bits of red compacted clay and some decaying leaves also the Salaginella growing with the plants helped keep the soil good and create pockets of air in the soil with its thick roots, the plants were also watered twice a day by a hose pipe. Nepenthes Clipeata Bonus Nepenthes Sumatrana according to the guy is the only place he knows in cultivation where it grows like the ones in the wild this is also the same for the Khasiana and Ampullaria as well as the Bical which all grew like the wild types. Khasiana Ampullaria Bicalcarata Thank you.
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    Nepenthes veitchii BE-3646 Nepenthes veitchii Golden, Highland (Bareo, Borneo) Nepenthes veitchii (Batu Buli - Batu Lawi, 1500 m, Kelabit Highlands, Borneo) Nepenthes northiana Nepenthes faizaliana Nepenthes stenophylla (Borneo) Nepenthes ovata (Sumatra)
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    they are fine,they can stand a surprising amount of frost without any ill effects. They are also very slow growing from seed,so there is nothing wrong with them size wise. They are in sphagnum which has nothing at all nutrient wise to make them grow better,repot them into peat/perlite and you will see a real growth spurt in the spring and one last thing most sarracenia seedlings look the same in the first year anyway no matter what species they are. ada
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    Hi all, I installed the last sections of staging (all home made) in the greenhouse over the weekend and all is looking much tidier now! Very pleased with the look...
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    I used to have one, the flowers are fairly ordinary but they're mainly grown for their leaves. They like it quite wet. Mine met an untimely end when feral pigs got into my garden, they were one of the many casualties.
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    I had one bad experience with them. Last year I bought some Drosera ascendens seeds. I sowed them in a terrarium and after some time what did I see? A bunch of Drosera capensis. So I wrote to them. They responded, that the capensis must've gotten there accidentally from somewhere else and that they surely send me the correct seeds, but they just didn't germinate...Yeah right. What are the odds, of rouge capensis seeds getting into the terrarium, from a plant that's standing a few meters away and didn't flower for some time? Not to mention, that it germinated in the EXACT same spot, that I've sown the supposed D. ascendens. Not to mention, that it couldn't be ascendens, as this plant is not yet in widespread cultivation, as i learned after some time. I'm 100% sure, that it's Drosera latifolia and I wrote to them about that, asking them to correct the name. I gave them a link to the article supporting that and ask to show me photos of the flower stalk. I only got an arrogant response saying "I'm selling what I say i do". They didn't even acknowledge a logical reasoning.