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  1. After having given up the seedbank back in July to another member due to severe ill health (which is still extremely bad), it was finally returned to me last week and very quickly got to the new volunteer. However the new volunteer has now returned it within days as decided they did not want to do the role. I am starting to deal with the backlog and aim to get these orders out as soon as possible, however I am having to sort it all out back into a useable format as it has come back in rather a mess to say the least, so took me over 1hour to find 4 individual packets - I had hoped to do the orders before ordering it all but this has proven impossible. I’m hoping to have finished sorting it back into alphabetical order in the next day or two and then I will be getting the outstanding seed orders out - realistically I’m expecting it to take me another day or two to finish organising it. I am also in the process of hunting down new seed, so if anyone has seed for sale please let me know. I am exceptionally sorry to all who have been affected, and please be assured I will not let it affect your new membership year’s entitlement
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