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  1. It was suggested that, since Brexit, the UK & EU sales & trading sections be separated. This is due to Customs, CITES & Phytosanitary certificate requirements. I've done this now, although there's no way I'm going to go through and move historical posts around to put them in the right section. That would be a hell of a lot of work.
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  2. Just a suggestion. Could it be D. spatulata the spoon-leaved sundew? I am not an expert but those leaves do appear spoon shaped and it appears very similar to my D. spatulata. However, I do know that D. tokaiensis is D. (spatulata x rotundifolia) so there are very clear similarities between tokaiensis and spatulata. Kind regards, Rob
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  3. One of the early wet season Drosera, part of the Petiolaris Complex. Interestingly, in an area about 1 kilometre long by 100 metres wide (between canopied woodland forest and wet season inundated ground) it almost carpeted the ground and was the only Drosera present. Habitat: generally open area with very little or no canopy, soil a sandy loam with lateritic gravel sometimes with scattered larger lateritic rocks.
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  4. And now - Dorsera hamiltonii seedlings!
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