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  1. The story began on 9-8-2020 ! I bought the plants from Harro Heidt a very nice and well known grower from Germany and he send them to me on 9-8-2020 very well packed and poted! The plants were stay to Germany until 30-9-20 DHL could not find them anywere in Germany althouth Harro did anything that he could to find the plants ! I receive them in Greece after 64 days of shipping on 13-10-2020 and all that time the cephalotus ware in dark! As you will see the plants after so many days without the light they lost all the green tissue leafs and pitchers and they produse a white new growth without leafs or pitchers! To avoide sunburns the plants stay in a shade the first week , the plants show new growth 3 weeks after I receive them and then I put them in a suny windshield. I treat them with two systemic fungicides when I receive them first for Botrytis (Captan ) and second LEIMAY S Amisulbrom 20% for downy mildew. The plants on 9-8-20 ! The plants on 13-10-20 after 64 days of shipping! The plants on 10-11-2020 almost a month after I receive them!
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