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  1. Hi Rob, If only I was that talented! I commissioned a master blacksmith back in November to make the sculpture. Although we had agreed the design in general terms, he was unable to start making the sculpture until Easter. This was in-part due to demand for his time and partly due to COVID making a repair to a piece of equipment take longer than he'd hoped. He also wanted to see how the plants grow and their morphology, beyond what he could determine from books and photos: so we had to wait until an indoor plant was showing pitchers in all stages of development (about end-March here
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  2. Back in February I posted a few photos of the 2,000l carnivorous plant bog that I had sunk in our garden. What follows are a few photos of how it has grown over the past months. It still needs a couple more growing seasons to fill-in but the plants have put on a good show for their first year. Also completed, nine months after commissioning, is the pitcher plant sculpture that should help create year-round interest, even when the real plants are in their winter dormancy. I have high hopes for next year!
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  3. I too am Sarracenia biased and grow mine outdoors in bogs all year round, probably the best value Sarracenia outdoors (although not my favourite) is 'Dixie Lace' as it goes through the winters well, keeping its pitchers without damage for normally two years or more, grows into a good looking clump readily, is good to look at both close up and from a distance, needs little maintenance and looking good through winter when everything else is brown and toppled over, always makes you warm to a plant. Otherwise for satisfaction, you have to go with the 'lookers' big mooreis, red flavas, leucophylla
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  4. Hmm, I like miniatures. Then I can keep many species in my small awailable space. Small pinguicula and utricularia inside. Outside I have more space, so there I go wild on sarracenias. I guess the conclusion is that the Most satisfying plants to grow is the Ones you can give needed space and correct Environment. Too many plants in a too small space or wrong Environment does not thrive. Plants that do not thrive are not as exiting as the Ones that do.
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