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  1. Hi All, As the title says "Not long now" until Penny the Pingicula flowers for the first time under my guardianship.... She was bought as a Pingicula 'Weser' from the local garden centre, I'm hoping that's the case... I'll post an updated photo when shes opened up fully for your options... Many thanks Bb
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  2. Hi everyone. I've built an interactive guide to Nepenthes species: https://www.carnivorousplants.co.uk/resources/nepenthes-interactive-guide/ It includes a lowland/highland temperature chart, and a species list which can be sorted by altitudinal range or alphabetically, as required. I've also created a hybrid calculator, which can estimate the ideal conditions for a hybrid based on its parents' habitats. Many thanks to Rob Cantley of BE for suggesting this feature. I hope other growers find this useful. I'm keen to update and improve it based on feedback - several people have suggested a 'sort by country/geography' feature for the species list, which I'm currently working on. Any other ideas, please just shout. Cheers, Tom
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