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  1. I would cut the stem back until the scar shows only green tissue, as there is a chance that any rot in dead tissue could spread. Fungicide might help, but I don't know which to recommend, I'm afraid.
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  2. Hello, I'm not a Nepenthes expert, but the two dark ones don't look very hopeful I'm afraid. Is there any green in the stem at all? The other two look like they'll be ok. I tend to prioritise humidity with new plants - I use a ziplock bag for each pot so that I can gradually open them when each plant starts growing. Does the propagator completely mist up? If so, good! Your mix looks good and well-drained, so I'd keep them on the moist side. They won't need watering much at all if the humidity is close to 100%. Light is less important at first, so I wouldn't keep them too close t
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