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    I know it's not pretty, but I've found good old fashioned, low tech fly papers, as sold by Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours, seem pretty effective, though of course they need stringing horizontally near to the top the compost for best results (they can also be bought from Amazon - other online retailers are available) . Phil
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    It's possible but it can be as well H. heterodoxa x minor. The H. heterodoxa x nutans clone I own tends to produce much bigger nectar spoons. Also, I wouldn't put much faith in labelling of supermarket plants. I remember getting couple years ago H. heterodoxa x nutans from Matt Soper. At some point it ended up being virtually identical to my H. x midoxa plant. So which plant is valid and which isn't? Guess we'll never know. Pictures for comparison:
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    Nice collection, I have a Nep Miranda taking over my house.
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    Good looking Nepenthes Mischa!!!