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    A few of you may be planning to come to Japan especially in 2020. The Olympic&Paralympic games or the ICPS conference, I don't know much about both. Anyway, whatever your purpose, probably you have extra time to stay in Japan other than the main purpose. I would post videos as many as I could. You might find tips of enjoying Japan. I would post 2 or 3 videos every few days or few weeks. Hopefully you may be able to find a couple of interesting stuff. I would choose videos mainly from Japanology series. All episodes are wholesome and informative. Although many of them have a sound problem. Please don't ask me any question in this thread or PM. I am quite useless. I met a friend of mine from Germany, who is a famous pitcher plants taxonomist, in Tokyo in the spring of 2019. It was the first time I met him, who has been a good friend of mine since I joined the cp-listserv in 1994. I needed Google Maps. And when I tried to buy our tickets at the subway station, the ticket machine continued to ignore me with my wrong operation. A young woman offered to help us purchase our tickets. How embarrassing! I had lived in Tokyo for 26 years since I was born, and then have lived in the prefecture(s) next to Tokyo though!!! lol. How many decades since I left Tokyo? I won't mention. EDIT Some videos are no longer watchable. So I have decided to replace them with alternatives (shorter ones). You can watch some episodes of Japanology plus on demand (free). Please go to the NHK world, if you are interested in. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/program/video/japanologyplus/?type=tvEpisode& Ekiben
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    It was hard to get a good pic with the bottle in the shot! Every time I go on vacation I end up with a bunch of hand made glass beads for my art box. So some of them get glued to my ghetto training stakes. I like the skulls. Hopefully they keep the bottle cloche from falling over.
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    You may often see such kind of Japanese packaging way at the stores. I know it is notorious as "overdo" or "a wasteful use of the packing material as resources", that was considered by many people and was severely criticized. A few of them might change their mind after watching the next video. You can turn on English sub.
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    For some reason, "Izakaya" is popular with Western people nowadays. review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE6NwG7kuNQ
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    All works;-) I put on the pots the upper part of a plastic bottle closed, and than I gradually remove it... so you can do as you prefer;-) better if it is a hibryd, it is more vigorous;-)
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    So here I was standing in pound land when I came across these little guys. Guess what price they were? Lol Anyway, there is a lot of talk on the forum about windowsill nepenthes growing. This is my solution to it. So there are two in one pack with a 12cm pot so this is what I did. I began with a bit of digging around in the greenhouse to find these. I got the in dobbies sale around Christmas. There are 5 in a pack. What I did was took one of the dishes and pressed it Firmly into the bottom of the pot. This would act as a water tray to increase humidity. What I then did was get a 5 cm pot and cut it in half I then used the bottom part and glued it to the black tray Then I filled with water put the plant on the small 5cm pot and put the lid on. What do you think. Hope it helps Oliver Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk