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    No one has been dismissed from the Society. Who told you that? This is rumourmongering. The vote of no confidence was formally proposed´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐, seconded and carried with a majority.
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    Everyone is still a member
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    I will put this suggestion to the rest of the committee, Dunc.
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    Morning Stephen, i know people do all the work voluntarily. the comment i made was more at Annette wanting to dissolve the society and give the money to something/somewhere/somebody else. If none on the existing members or commitee were members of this new set up because they hadn't been invited to join or being elected because they hadn't being made aware of this infighting. who would have got the money then?? technically only the members of the new club or society she had made up would be able to share the money out and with her being a trustee,it smells very fishy to me. Iam all for moving forward and modernisation but done properly,if she has nothing to hide why hasn't she provided the evidence or answered any questions put forward? ada