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    Here are some of my nepenthes that I have grown from seed but I am sure some of these are natural hybrids.Nepenthes Edwardsiana RedNepenthes edwardsiana YellowNepenthes Alisaputrana seedling. Likely back crossed.Two pots of Nepenthes Villosa from KK
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    This project has taken a lot longer than hoped but at long last the new greenhouse is up and running. Here is how the project went! The old Eden 10 x 8 greenhouse that came with the house. The jungle inside. The garden was full of big teasels and brambles. Greenhouse gone and jungle clearance to come. Leylandii to fell next. Cleared site. Footings for the paving slab perimeter base. Base down. Finally up and running. This is Mike's 20' x 8.6' minor/alata/rubra Robinsons greenhouse. Next step is to assemble the staging.