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    I like to show you my Tom Thumb. I received from Carl in 2018. @ Carl. As soon as the weather is getting warmer I send you the Giant Dr. K├Ânig.
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    The first time it flowers to me
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    That's a lot of flies and midges for this time of year ! Oh, and by the way, very nice flower, nicely grown Rob
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    Here is interesting comparison: left Cephalotus 'Bananito" ( Eden Black x self seed grown) vs its parent Cephalotus 'Eden Black' - right Cephalotus 'Bananito'
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    A good recovery and very nicely grown
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    These 2 sites may be of use to you: the original Don Schnell article on Sarracenia flava varieties, and Barry Rice's CP FAQ (well the sarracenia part, anyway).