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    Hello so over the past few years I have been looking for nepenthes everywhere as they always seem to grow in disturbed areas along the side of the road. Nepenthes Macfarlenei (Genting/Ulu Kali summit) Nepenthes Albomarginata Penang Hill.Nepenthes Rafflesiana Giant Bako during a very dry season so all the cups where quite smallNepenthes Ampullaria BakoDrosera Spathulata var BakoensisNepenthes ampullaria BauNepenthes mirabilis seeds in Bau the plant actually got bulldozed and was practically dead with a bunch of mature amps all bulldozed.Nepenthes Gracilis Equine ParkThank you.
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    I Am going to Kuching to do some nep hunting in the next month or 2 months so will post what I find and visit Malesiana again. Malesiana's owner has lost interest in Nepenthes so many plants are now discontinued so i am trying to get some of the remaining clones such as there Merriliana that is massive from there own collection on site. In which they grow both highland and lowlands with ease. But even though some clones are discontinued they do have new clones such as Nepenthes Leonardoi that is very squat and toothy.
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    Update!!!Ask me whatever stuff is