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  1. Ill share my experience with canivoria, the first time i ordered i had to wait 3months to get my plants, communication was probably the worst, he sometimes takes weeks to months to even reply my email. After months my parcel finally was sent, and he sent me some bonus plants, all the plants i received was in multiple quantities or quadriples, not what i was expecting, dionaeas was pretty small just as described. I was extremely satisfied in my first order so i proceeded to make a 2nd order months ago. Even till today all the plants are doing well. This time my 2nd order David was quick to reply, emails took within hours which was not i expected, though he said he would sent the plant on this particular date, he did not and i had to kept email and asking him when he would sent the parcel. For this order i made sure to use expressmail like my last order, to prevent casualties and to receive healthy plants. The parcel was sent from 28 , i received it 6days later which was about the same as before my first order. Finally after a very exciting 1 and a half month wait i finally got my parcel, i made huge order as i was expecting just as great plants as my first order. Parcel arrived and i quickly tore open the parcel, opened up and saw the plants, all my pinguicula have rot except for 1 species, i ordered over 10 species, over half of my droseras have rotted, dionaea arrived and most was alive but the most expensive cultivar arrived black. I was expecting 2 dionaeas since the first order i made all came with 2 small plants, however this time it was just 1 of each, fine i guess since it was stated however it wasnt consistent or perhaps it was just my wishful thinking of receiving 2. I was told to get bonus plants but got non , i was missing 2 plants as well. David's reply to this was his bonus plant was some pinguiculas and dionaea, which isnt the case since they are the plants i ordered, i guess he got confused or forgotten because i made an order over 20 plants...Non of the plants look as healthy as the first time, now 3 of the dionaeas which is a total of 100euros are dying, the only healthy plant the arrived was pinguicula alpina and couple dionaeas. I cant blame David for this as well as it could be my countries weather being warm and the plants may not have liked the sudden increase in temps since its spring in czech and i live in the tropics... After day 1, pinguicula alpina, the sole survival or ping looks good, 4 of the dionaeas worth 130euro, dead. This is so saddening, i paid 400euros but only 4 plants out of over 20 arrived was healthy, dionaea fire mouth, dionaea little darling and pinguicula alpina, drosera ordensis, im guessing the rest of the plants who arrived looking bad but did not will die in also rot in couple days as well. I emailed David regarding this immediately, he replied to ask for more photo evidence and plants that arrived dead and would refund, so i did email him now i am waiting for his response. Edit: David said he would refund the money, but i chose to have him resend the plant during the summer, like before. He seems like quite a trustworthy dealer atleast for me, cant say the same for everyone else as there are couple negative feeds above, just that he is forgetful, or that he is dealing with too many customers all by himself.
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