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    I don't think you need to worry, check this out - https://www.growcarnivorousplants.com/Articles.asp?ID=257 VFTs in nature regularly get minus 7C, sometimes minus 12C.
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    Yeah it's a bit chilly Keith, shorts and sunshine gets my vote! It's as basic as it can be, S = Sarra seed bought in and the number (apart from an extra from Mr A) in what order they were bought. Just wants and resources, need data security basically (don't want things mixed up and want to know exactly what it is so this is part of making sure wind does not blow them about, a lovely but annoying Robin can not pull the label out / chuck seeds about and the rest of it) so label in pot and one stuck to outside of pot / tray (small label helps here) and I have one of those hand held things - not much of a memory and it's a pain to type on it, plus the tape stuff costs and its just a waste, four or five of these to a big full blooded rah de rah x rah de doo one. Plants are different but I might need a few of some when it comes to growing them on! I want to be doing that rather than typing big labels. The rest is a excel job with eg column a s1 column b open pollenated Chris Crow, etc, etc, cost, number, sown date, everything I have, Usbs back that up. It's only really dates and price info etc that I do not remember / care for most is just in case, types I know what each is in the poly by now anyway, to excited! There are some oreos I can not wait to see and a flava cross I have pictured in my head a million different ways plus we have a spot where the green monsters are sleeping :)
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    heated? that's a luxury most of us don't have,mine are frozen solid,i cant even lift the pots out of the trays. Yours will be fine,some of mine might die but i doubt it