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    I have a single pot of cephalotus which I risk uncovered, there is another two pots which I moved to the cheap growhouse just in case. My uncovered one is amongst my sarra pots and so gets a little element of shelter from the taller pots around not much though. That plant has been outside for 3 winters now and is doing okay.
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    I have several binata forms (binata, two types of multifida, dichotoma, dichotoma giant and also a 'marston dragon') outside and they all survive. They die back but come back from the roots. This year the winter has mostly been mild and they already started sprouting about a week ago. I have all species of sarra plus multiple hybrids, darlingtonia, cephalotus, drosophyllum, drosera filiformis and temperate pings outside without problems. I decided to put my vft's in a cheap growhouse just to try to encourage them to get back into growth a bit quicker this year. They were outside last year and were okay but a bit slow to get going in the spring.
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    Thank you Sadly not, it's looking a little poorly after entrusting watering duties and care to a someone else whilst I was on holiday and it's only just starting to pick up.