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    Yes, you are quite right, you can send plants and seeds anywhere in the EU. Nigel HC
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    Working from the links now, evil caterpillar doing that to the poor Nep.
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    €28 lowii christian vs €15 wistuba and they sent me an extra, costly mistake.
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    Hi Keith, I'm glad you've seeded them. My seeds are placed in plastic jars, substrate formed by peat, perlite and a pinch of vermiculite. Below 5 neon ( 2x 865, 2x 840, 1x 827 ) switched on for 16 hours a day. Terrarium temperature: day 25 ° centigrade, night 20/21 ° centigrade. Good cultivation!
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    They are annoying beasts, one took half the leaves off a choice pelargonium in my greenhouse this autumn before I noticed. The moths are most pretty though [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk