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    Hello, I want show my terrariums for carnivorous plants. Now have 2 terrariums, one for highland and one for lowland plants. Sorry for English but for some cases I use google translator. Lowland: Terrarium ExoTerra, 4 pc fan with timer, light Blau Lumina T5 4x39W, Hagen Moonsoon RS400 for wattering and heat mat. Highland: This terrarium is build from polystyrene with 4 to 5 cm thickness. Into wall I created rock background from gunfoam and painted by epoxy for watter resistance. For watterinf usinf high presure pump with 10 jets and one pump in fountain. In back wall is a hole for fogger and senzors temperature/humidity. Light is same than into lowland terarium but it is longer and stronger. All this devices controls special device which turns on/off divices on the basis of the measured values. Last thing which want say is cooling. This was the strongest thing which I had to do on the highland terrarium. The principle is as follows. Using old fridge compressor with evaporate part. Compressor is hide in the cabinet. Evaporate part is in left side of terrarium. When temperature rises above 25°C, cooling system turns on and 2x 9cm pc fan turn on too. After temperature decreases belowe 15°C, cooling system turns off. And the last some nepenthes photos. Nepenthes x Viking Nepenthes smilesii Nepenthes mirabilis Nepenthes madagascarensis Nepenthes ventricosa x mirabilis var. globosa Nepenthes albomarginata red Nepenthes x bloodmarry Nepenthes bicalcarata
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    Hi Mathias, As Stewart has so little time we are re-setting things as a foundation in The Netherlands with an actual international board running things (as opposed to a not for profit organization with only Stewart on the books). Basically we are already a foundation (notary work is done). Right now the bank is checking the identification papers of the first 3 board members (Tim Bailey, John v.d. Werf and myself, others have agreed to join the board and will be added when things are running) so an actual bank account will be available and not just a paypal account linked to Stewart. With that Chambe of commerce can be completed. After that...we need to reactivate the dead website. It was frozen after many hacks, so we need to rebuilt that more strong. When that works I can meet the requirements for Charity status and we are off again. For the moment the plants in Leiden are doing well and we had some additions since this last post. Check out our Facebook page for that https://www.facebook.com/Ark-of-Life-147726941956397/
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