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    Hi everyone! My CP interest was sparked this past summer when I saw VFTs at my local Sprouts. I decided to save one and within a week, I got another! I am now a proud grower of 6 different VFT typicals, a bunch of Drosera capensis sprouts (they germinated less than 2 weeks ago), a couple Sarracenia purpurea (?), three baby clumps of Cephalotus, and a Nepenthes. I have been on the FTC forums, but since I have diversified into other Genera, I figured it would be good to be a part of other forums. I'm excited to learn more about these peculiar plants and discuss them with fellow enthusiasts! Mary
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    A few photos from today showing the first autumn pitchers on the leucos. These 3 are S. leucophylla seedlings I've been growing for a few years now. I'll need to report them separately in the Spring. Here's the drosophyllum I planted this summer. Still doing well and has caught quite a few bugs but I don't know if it'll be large enough to survive the winter. Only 2 of my other S. leucophylla have produced significant autumn pitchers so far. The first is MK L12A, purple & white, Deer Park, AL. The next is the ever reliable 'Helmut's Delight'. Always pitchers early and strongly even in our damp and dank climate.