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    I will try and post some tommorow
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    You don't need to repot Pinguicula unless you just want to put them in a nicer looking pot, they don't care and their roots don't grow beyond the 2cm mark. They don't need distilled water, tap water will do fine. A little bit of water every 2-3 weeks will suffice to keep them healthy, more is unnecessary. In winter they get tiny succulent leaves, so need less water still. They flower profusely, and I'm pretty sure the amount of flowers is an indication of the amount of growth points (that will become visible in a matter of weeks). Very easy to take care of, they're basically regular house plants with greasy leaves.
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    Just a simple comparison of a root-like stem, a leaf-like stem, and a true but transformed leaf (trap) in Utricularia aureomaculata.
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    I'd leave dividing until the spring, that way the plants have the whole season to root through and establish. I use a peat and perlite mix, the same as for the Sarracenia. Nigel H-C
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    I bought some cuttings of this orchid whith flowers on it some years back. Although the cuttings grew well they just wouldn't flower. Then someone told me they needed full sun, and a lot of it. So I set some up on a post in a pretty sunny position and they multiplied and then began to have flowers. This season they have 11 flower spikes, the best I've had so far. Because they multiply so easily I've got lots of them now but most are getting a bit too much shade. At least it looks like I've learned the tricks of flowering them.