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    You'll all laugh at this, but I've just seen how new pitchers are created. This is all new to me, so incredibly interesting and exciting. A flat leaf starts to create an enclosed open cylinder at one vertical edge. A hood begins to appear. Then, presumably, the new pitcher opens at the top. This hasn't happened with mine yet, but will soon, no doubt. You all know this, but I've never seen it before. Guy
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    Hi, just wanted to share a photo of my CPs. At the moment I only have 4 so wouldn't even call it a collection... The plants are: typical VFT, Red dragon VFT, Darlingtonia and Sarracenia purpurea (all grown in 10 cm pots).
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    Thamk you. Yes im very happy to got it from Stephen. There come a lot of new growing points out of the earth now.
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    Hi ! Here is an old picture of mine, it's a really slow grower to me... Don't have current picture with pitchers lol
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    It is a Sarracenia hybrid. It will always be a Sarracenia hybrid, and it's very dangerous to label something as a named cultivar just because it vaguely looks like one in the right light with one eye closed... Unless you have the details of the plant direct from the grower to prove it is a named plant, you should label it as hybrid. Saying that,, it's definitely got some Sarracenia purpurea in there, but anything else will only be a guess!
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    Hi we are waiting for a date from Kew. I'll post the date as soon as I receive it. Dennis
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    Darlingtonia Californica That I got from Ben S free now looking good