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    Hello, Some Pictures from my highland Setup: N. villosa small but some nice teeth: N. x trusmadiensis, one of the nicest hybrids: N. edwardsiana going to open very soon: N. lowii: Small N. hurrelliana: N. truncata: N. veitchii x lowii. Whole Setup: Best regards, Henrik
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    Marciano Moranensis Hemiepiphytica x P. rotundiflora Hemiepiphytica x P. macrophylla Hemiepiphytica x P. emarginata
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    Anyone who grows Utricularia bisquamata will know that it pops up in every pot after a while, and seems impossible to weed out. I tolerate it for its lovely flowers which were once visited in my greenhouse by a hummingbird hawkmoth in late summer. I was tidying up the spent flower stems today and was gratified to see that the sundews are getting their own back, Drosera slackii and D. regia seedlings in the Utricularia pot