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    I have even smaller and flowering pulchella, such Heliamphora pulchella (Chimanta Tepui), which I have already presented. In general, it is difficult to determine the size of the plant in the picture. In the case of this plant the pot is the smaller (7 cm), than the pot of pulchella from Amuri Tepui (9 cm wide). Heliamphora pulchella (Chimanta Tepui) Heliamphora pulchella from Akopan, Apacapa and Chimanta I have from Wistuba, while pulchella from Amuri Tepui I have from my friend from the forum - Ptaah (maybe it is also from Wistuba, unfortunately I do not know). All my Heliamphora species that are growing with strong artificial lighting is smaller than growing in the greenhouse at sun radiation.