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  1. To all Carnivorous plant people. Please beware of someone who is asking for plants because of a fire in which the persons greenhouse supposedly caught fire. This is a scam that this person has been using for the last couple of years, with the sob story of 'I loved my plants, I don't know what to do'. Most collectors will know who this person is. I know of emails that have been sent to friends this week, I have a copy of one of the emails. The fire supposedly started in the garage and spread to the greenhouse! Never before have we heard such rubbish, especially when this person was caught out about two years ago, posting photos of another well known growers plants, claiming they were the plants that were burned. Please don't get caught out by this scammer, It is obtaining goods by deception in my opinion. There has been no fire that the person can show any evidence of, the person is just out to get a good collection for free by getting people to take pity. Be warned, don't be taken in you are being conned. Sheila
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  2. Drosophyllum lusitanicum seedlings Brocchinia reducta Brocchinia reducta seeds Utricularia rostrata (Cachoiera da Fumaca, Bahia, Brazil)
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  3. Thanks for the warning Sheila, I understand where you are coming from even if others do not.
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  4. So, after two years plant got bigger and finally turned out to be a female of N. aristolochioides x mira (also known as N. 'Involuntary Bliss')...
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