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  2. It is a Leah Wilkerson: I might make a division although I will have to prepare another pot however; I think if I make a division I will break one of the 2 large divisions into about 5 smaller divisions in order to start a Leah Wilkerson colony!
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  3. Mostly close ups today. There's no single plant in this selection I don't like. Best of all the popular hybrids imho - H. heterodoxa x nutans with massive lid, still young yet looking promising already H. uncinata, hairless pulchella and pulchella hybrid and last but not least - H. huberi. I fell in love in huberi the moment I got the first adult plant. You might call it a "typical" Heliamphora as it doesn't bear any characteristic features but I still find it very special. One picture shows seed grown H. huberi which was sown 2 years ago! Quite surprising for me as it's already an adult plant with largest leaf measuring 11cm already. This isn't huberi's last word, I can assure you that! :)
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