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  1. We are getting 6 hour 25 minutes of day light today, and it will be shorter by 6 minutes 32 seconds shorter tomorrow. So it's getting darker and darker. But we get the magical golden light during the day (it's basically like sunset all day long). This Australian tuberous Drosera, Drosera menziesii, was particularly looking pretty under this light, so I snapped a couple photos. I just received the tuber this summer, and this is the first time I'm growing a tuberous Drosera. The following two photos are with mostly natural light. Drosera menziesii on Flickr Drosera menziesii on F
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  2. Hi all. First I want excuse for my English. I grow carnivorous plants 4 years. My favorite kind is Nepenthes. Now have almost 100 kinds of nepenthes. Now have 2 terrarium for lowland and highland plants. See pictures.
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