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    i would guess the problem was the heat. i wouldnt let them get over 80F.
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    I do prefer forums to Facebook, don't get me wrong, Facebook is ok to post a few pics and get likes and such like but I feel forums are more of a community and you can search a wealth of info in the numerous posts, with Facebook everything is crammed into a ever lengthening time line, I find it far too cluttered and a bore to keep scrolling through endless posts. I have met such a marvellous mix of growers on this site, also cpuk made forming the Scottish branch of the cps a lot easier, I met all the current members on cpuk. This all started last year from a simple post on here asking if people would be interested in meeting up in Edinburgh, I was quickly contacted by other people in Scotland and the CPS and with their invaluable help, a simple idea a year ago to meet now and again has turned into the Scottish branch! So I would like to give a big thank you to the people who keep this site running smoothly and to the CPS for taking over the site to keep this invaluable community going! Oh and tuberous dew season[emoji4] Mark
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    For me the advantage a forum has over FB is the ability to trace and keep a discussion or conversation despite the time frame. Here (or any other forum) I can search and find different threads about i.e. a specific nepenthes species or its cultivation, while in FB is almost impossible to find a discussion after a couple of days. Fb makes it easier to get in contact with other growers but the forums keep huge amounts of knowledge available.
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    A collection of recent photos: And finally, the Ping has given up for the winter! Thanks for looking and please ask any questions, Chris.
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    Hi my friends, I will show you the pictures of a greenhouse to a my friend, enry69 enry69 sarracenia: continue....
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    Maybe not daily, because there is high humidity in the terrariums, and outside most plants are in trays, but every 3 days, when moss starts to dry, I give them a mist. Those hanging Nepenthes on windowsill I mist every day.
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    I just had a quick look on FB. The groups I looked at certainly had some very nice pictures of a range of different genera. The simplicity of posting images is, after all, one of FBs strengths whereas it tends to be a bit of a faff on the forum. Even so I think the forum format (as in CPUK) beats FB hands down when it comes to serious discussion and searchability. Made me appreciate CPUK a lot more (even with the new style). I'd definitely miss CPUK if it was no longer here, I couldn't say the same for FB.
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    Hi there, about 5 months ago I was gifted some very ill young seedlings of d roraimae in a peat perlite sand mix that looked a bit dodgy so I pricked them out and moved them into pure nz sphag and a mix of peat and coarse quartz sand that is completely inert and used in aquariums (unipac maui coarse quartz sand), they are all growing away happy now but I would say that the peat sand mix is far ahead of the sphag one in size and vigour. I think the problem with my friends mix was the sand want great and probably had lime in it. I stoppef using sand in any of my mixes a long time ago because all the horticultural lime free sands I could get my hands on, either bubbled and fizzed when testing with a weak acid or was to fine and all needed a ton of rinsing to remove all the crap out of it! It's only in the last year that I started using sand again since I found the coarse quartz sand I use now. Mark
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    Heliamphora ceracea (Cerro Neblina, Brazil, Venezuela) Heliamphora minor Heliamphora neblinae (Avispa, Venezuela) Heliamphora folliculata (Murosipan Tepui, Venezuela) Heliamphora exappendiculata (Amuri Tepui, Venezuela)
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    I much prefer forums to faceshite :)
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    I also am having trouble with solaris, This is my first year with south American sundews. I keep mine in a shed with t5 lights and a fan for hot and cold times. Think the solaris couldn't handle the hot temps we had in the uk wile establishing in the new media and conditions. Weirdly my roraimae and others are doing well.
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    Historically it is always quieter at this time of year, probably due to the fact it is getting into dormancy in the Northern hemisphere so there isnt a great deal going on. Pretty soon, I wouldk guess that our antipodean chums will be making us jealous by regaling us with their pictures. Cheers Steve
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    We should be seeing lots of pics of sprouting tuberous drosera soon [emoji3]
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    i have grown them for years with great success, but its indoors under lights. i think maybe you need to do the same. matt
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    I'm growing it outside year round. Otherwise, the same method as Mark: watering when it cames to dry, but leaving extra water in the tray.
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    Heliamphora minor: Dionea: 2 Nepenthes: Cepha.....very very very B I G Thanks