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    Full Members and above can now add a cover to their profiles. See mine, took this while up in Scotland earlier in the year.
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    Great pics by the way!. Perfect weather for it to. This was a great day indeed. My first time to Kew and it was one to remember. Mainly as i was not aware of the event being here for the day i turned up. A great surprise it made me very excited after finding out by a lady who i quized holding a Sarracenia said i can buy plants from a few stalls. I come away with some lovely pygmies and pings to add to the collection. Hopefully there will be another day like this not so far in the future.
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    Hi all a couple of Ceph leaf pullings, they are only very tiny and already one has pitchers forming. is this normal? I'm guessing this one hungry lol x2 leaf pullings one with pitchers forming by James Cross, on Flickr
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    Tapatalk needs re-installing with new version. I will try and get it done today sometime.
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    Mark this is amazing news. Congratulations to everyone on a great start.
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    I'll drop you an email in the next few days see how your doing.
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    Great stuff mark! Good things coming north for you!! Hard works paid off
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    The software update is still happening Ada.
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    Slack 1986, Insect Eating Plants & How to grow them. From memory, impressive huh? Hope that helps Nigel H-C
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    I have several species of dwarf drosera which grow sometimes together with Cephalotus. Cephalotus has with these small guys no problems. But some of the droseras get overgrown by the Cephalotus.
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